Graduating Seniors

Wave Aquatics is proud to recognize our Class of 2021 Seniors!

Congratulations! We appreciate your commitment and countless hours dedicated to practices and swim meets. Thank you for encouraging your teammates continuously and for being a role model for our team. We wish you a successful journey in the next chapter of your lives! 

Below are our graduating seniors. Know more about these athletes including their college plans, some amusing curiosities and their best memories while swimming for WAVE. 

This page will be updated regularly. Check back for new information. 

Wave on 3!!!



Aidan Blackmon

Aidan attends Redmond High School and wants to major in Biochemistry or Biomedical Engineering. He is commited to New Jersey Institute of Technology.

  • WAVE swimmer for the last 8 years
  • Favorite Events: 50 Free, 100 & 200 Fly
  • Proud of: “when I was 12, I placed first in all 6 of my events at Champs and earned the High Point Award. I also swam the 200 fly at Zones and won it, placing me 8th in the nation."
  • Favorite Team Travel: Montana Missoula. "It happens right at the end of the school year."​
  • If not a swimmer: a golfer
  • What is the best memory you have from WAVE? “My best memories would be the Wave Banquets, Black vs Purple Meet, and Futures.”





Isabella Bono

Isabella has been studying at Nikola Tesla STEM High School and she is very excited to continue her swimming career at the Colorado School of Mines. She will be majoring in Civil Engineering.

  • WAVE swimmer since 2010
  • Favorite Events: 1650 & 500 Free
  • Proud of: “my freshman year when I dropped over a minute in my mile and got my first Sectional cut.”
  • Favorite set: “2 x 175’s trying to get under your goal 200 time and then 2 x 75’s kick trying to get under your goal 100 time. The whole thing 4 times IM order.”
  • Free Time:  read, ski during the winter, take walks, and waste time on the internet
  • What is the best memory you have from WAVE? “I have been swimming for WAVE for 10 years so it is really hard to pinpoint anything exact. I mean there has been a lot of moments and people throughout my swimming career that have been super great, but I don’t have anything specific.”




Nicholas Imig

Nicholas has committed to Oberlin College where he will continue his swimming career. He will most likely be going into Psychology.

  • WAVE swimmer for the last 7 years
  • Favorite Events: 50 & 100 Free
  • Proud of: “either when I dropped like 4 seconds to go 26 in the 50 free for the first time (I was so surprised!) or when I broke the 21 second-barrier in that same event."
  • Favorite Team Travel: “I would say either Sectionals or Futures, but I can’t decide between those and the meet we had in Anacortes, Washington. I had a lot of really fun memories with my friends at that meet, and even though it wasn’t the biggest meet, I probably enjoyed that just as much as the bigger ones because I was with my friends.”
  • Favorite set: “any sprint race pace set, with a lot of rest!” 
  • What is the best memory you have from WAVE? “There’s too many to choose from. From the times where I've raced my coaches, to the times where I've actually coached practices, to where there were normal practices, but everyone I’ve met and become friends with along the way have made each and every moment special. There’s a reason I joined back to specifically WAVE and not any other team, it’s because of the community here, we have a really good community. Everyone supports each other and has fun, even on the rough days, and even though there’s been some drama, and some fights, we all came through it together. I’ve made some of my best friends on this team and that should be pretty obvious because we spend a good 18 hours a week with each other. Going through all the painful stuff, and the good stuff. I can’t choose one memory because they were all good.” 



Steffen Teutsch

Steffen studies at Lake Washington High School. He is very excited for the opportunity to contine swimming for the Colorado Mesa University, where he can finally live in a wamer state.

  • WAVE swimmer since 2013
  • Favorite Events: 1650 & 1000 Free
  • Proud of: “placing top 3 in the mile at Short Course Champs. Along with going a best time, I beat several people I never thought I could and really felt like I deserved my spot in the top group. That one moment made me feel like all the work I’d put in over the years was worth it.”
  • Favorite set: "long freestyle sets with zero kick"
  • If not a swimmer: Football player
  • What is the best memory you have from WAVE? “Athletically it’s probably still my mile from Short Course Champs but there have been so many moments to remember from my teammates over the years."





Damien Bryant

Damien studies at Redmond High School and he will continue his swimming career at the University of Puget Sound. He plans on majoring in Psychology or Political Science. 

  • WAVE swimmer since Fall 2018 
  • Favorite Events: 50 & 100 Free, 100 Fly
  • ​Proud of: breaking the minute on the 100 Free. “I also really liked the time I beat Blake in the 500 free”.
  • Favorite set: anything but IM. “Stroke was good but my favorite one was kick sets”
  • If not a swimmer: a skier
  • What is the best memory you have from WAVE? "Being on the team and meeting new people."






Kenneth Yang

Kenneth has committed to the University of Washington and he will be studying Computer Science

  • WAVE swimmer since August 2019
  •  Favorite Events: 200 & 100 Free
  •  Proud of: "making High-School States for an individual event"  
  •  Free Time: works on various computer science projects in or out of school
  • If not a swimmer: Badminton on a competitive level, Fencing or Marshal Arts
  • What is the best memory you have from WAVE? "Having fun together during practice and dryland. I will usually laugh at least once during practice."





Caitlyn Ferguson

Caitlyn has been looking at schools in Washington state and California. She has not decided her major yet, but she is very interested in Business and Marketing. Caitlyn is a student from Lake Washington High School.

  • WAVE swimmer since September 2020
  • Favorite Events: 50 & 100 Free
  • Proud of “going to States my freshman, sophomore and junior years." 
  • Favorite set:  "anything with sprint Freestyle"
  • Free Time: "I like to spend my free time with my friends and family. I also really enjoy hiking.”
  • What is the best memory you have from WAVE? “Swimming with one of my best friends and my sister. “






Sophia Ferguson

Sophia wants to major in Business Administration and minor in Marketing. Her top choices are Chapman University, University of Oregon, and Washington State University. She is a student of Lake Washington High School and aspires to own an environmentally sustainable company of her own one day. 

  • WAVE swimmer since September 2020
  • Favorite Events: 500 Free, 100 Back, and 200 Free
  • Proud of “when I qualified for the 500 Free and the 100 Back for my High School District Meet. These are both some of my favorite events so I was very excited to swim both events at Districts.”
  • Favorite set: “For my High School Team we did a 10x200 Free set every Friday and I always loved doing it.”
  • If not a swimmer: a volleyball player. “I played volleyball when I was little and I liked it a lot, but I broke my arm and stopped playing for a couple years. I’ve always been told my height would be an advantage in the sport so I think it would be fun to play again.”
  • What is the best memory you have from WAVE? “My favorite memory from WAVE is being able to swim with my sister. Swimming has always been something we have shared so it’s fun to go to practice with her every day.”