Graduating Seniors

Wave Aquatics is proud to recognize our Class of 2023 Seniors!

Congratulations! We appreciate your commitment and countless hours dedicated to practices and swim meets. Thank you for encouraging your teammates continuously and for being a role model for our team. We wish you a successful journey in the next chapter of your lives! 

Below are our graduating seniors. Know more about these athletes including their college plans, some amusing curiosities and their best memories while swimming for WAVE. 

This page will be updated regularly. Check back for new information. 

Wave on 3!!!



Alex Popov

Popov attends the Woodinville High school and is thinking about going into the STEM area maybe into some sciences, but has not chosen a college major yet. Popov wants to go to a college that has a swim team and that isn’t too far away from home.

WAVE swimmer since 2017

Favorite events: 100 & 200 Breaststroke, 200 IM

Proud of: When I swam at Summer Sectionals (LC) getting a best time in the 100 breast  and now, I’m really close to the Futures cut.

Favorite set: Race pace on Wednesdays 

Best memory from WAVE: My best memory would be when we watched Top Gun  Maverick as a team. It was a really fun time and also our annual Ice Skating “party” is also a blast. It is really fun watching everyone fall and get back up and the really good people at ice skating zooming by everyone. Its just a fantastic time where everyone has fun.

Favorite team travel or swim meet with WAVE: The Montana meet in June 2022. I really liked this meet because the Montana meets are always fun, but I felt like the energy at this one was really good and everyone was cheering for everyone with time drops all over the place. Also there was a thunder storm and some events had to get canceled, but that was part of the fun. 

If not a swimmer: I would be a Football player

Entertainment Recommendation:  movie  “Fast and Furious”.



Kyler Brumfield

Kyler has been a student at the Ocean Research College Academy and she is hoping to be a Marine Science (Marine Biology or Oceanography, it depends on the school) and a Political Science/Policy double major. She has not committed to a college yet, but she would like to attend Occidental College or Bowdoin College. She also plans on continuing her swimming career if she goes to one of those schools.

WAVE swimmer since 2013. "This is my 10th year swimming for Wave!"

Favorite events: 1650 & 500 Free, 200 Back

Proud of: My greatest achievement in swimming has to have been when I dropped 11 seconds somewhat unexpectedly to get my Sectionals cut in the 500 Free at Senior PNS Champs (in 2021).

Favorite set: 4 Rounds (IM order by round)

2x (1x 175 A.O off the block  + 1x75 easy)                                                                 

2x (75 A.O kick + 25 easy)

Best memory from WAVE: As contrary as this is going to sound some of my best memories on the team must be some of the ridiculously hard practices the distance kids have survived (thanks to Coach Chad and Coach Tatiana). I remember there being a week where we would all just look at the set and start laughing because of how hard they looked. Then during our (short) rest we would all be dancing and singing behind the blocks trying to make the best of the pain. Only to collapse on the deck for 5 minutes after finishing the set.

Favorite team travel or swim meet with WAVE: Hands down Montana is always the greatest meet. Especially summer 2022, even though the weather was bad. Everyone always brings a ton of energy, and finals are always really fast. Bonus points for this meet on the years that we win or are close to winning because the entire team gets super competitive with it.

If not a swimmer: Skier during the winter, mountain biker during the summer (they are shockingly similar in terms of movement).

Entertainment Recommendation: book: Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo (or anything else by her). As for shows, I loved The Good Place.



Alex Werth 

As a homeschooled student, Alex has committed to the University of Puget Sound and is looking forward to continuing his swimming career there. He is thinking about majoring in either Business or Agriculture although the college does not require a major until his junior year.

WAVE swimmer since 2016

Favorite events: 200 Breastroke and 100 Free

Proud of: getting my first Spring Sectionals cut in the 200 Breaststroke in 2022. It was a big achievement that I worked hard for. I also just like the team that I have around me.

Favorite set: stroke sets that are breaststroke mostly and kick sets.

Best memory from WAVE: going to Sectionals for the first time. 

Favorite team travel or swim meet with WAVE: My favorite team travel meet was 2022 Spring Sectionals in Phoenix, AZ, because it was my first Sectionals and high-level meet. Also, I liked the relays and team bonding. 

If not a swimmer: Onewheel Demo

Entertainment Recommendation: Last summer, I watched the new 2022 Top Gun: Maverick movie with the swim team and it was pretty sick!