WAVE Aquatics Group Structure Outline

WAVE Aquatics multiple practice groups allow swimmers of all ages and abilities to progress at the most appropriate level based on grade, emotional preparedness, and ability. Wave Aquatics groups will develop everyone to the best of their abilities and are based off the coach’s discretion on the best fit for each swimmer.  Grades listed are meant to be outlines for families to follow.  WAVE is broken into 3 training levels: Age Group Swimming (6th Grade and below), Senior Prep Swimming (7th-9th Grade), and Senior Swimming (9th Grade and Up).  


Age Group Program Overview:

The age group program is designed to introduce and refine swimmers’ skills.  The WAVE Age Group program will ensure a strong foundation that leads to long term development of proper swimming, dryland skills and an understanding of being a contributing member of a team.  An emphasis on proper stroke mechanics, starts, turns and racing strategies.  The WAVE Age Group swimmers will take this skill set into the Senior program.  Throughout the program the more practices attended the better experience your swimmer will have and the more success they will enjoy.


Black Group

For our younger swimmers, the Black Group will focus on enhancing proper technique in all four competitive strokes, starts, and turns.  This group will have an introduction to dryland working on flexibility and body weight exercises.  They will demonstrate an understanding of sportsmanship and basic meet procedures.  There will be 3 practices per week available for 75 minutes including dryland.


·         Prerequisite: Complete a continuous 25 freestyle with side breathing and backstroke unassisted



White Group

The White Group will focus on the mechanics of all four competitive strokes, starts, turns, streamline, and underwater kicking.  These swimmers will understand that they are a part of a team and having respect for the teammates and listening to coaches’ instruction.  An emphasis will be placed towards the goal of a legal 200 IM.  There will be 4 practices per week available for an hour and forty-five minutes including dryland.


Purple Group

Purple swimmers will be proficient in all four strokes and will establish proper mechanics on all four strokes.  These swimmers will be introduced to more advanced racing strategies and goal setting.  More conditioning and endurance work will be emphasized on a consistent basis.  They will understand the importance of being a part of a team and expectations of competing at meets.  There will be 5 practices offered for 2 hours and 15 minutes including dryland time.



Age Group to Senior swimming Transition Groups Overview:

The Prep portion of the WAVE swim structure is to develop athletes that are ready to make the transition into Senior Level swimming, whether that is with their High School team or in our Senior Level Groups.  These groups will continue to develop proper stroke mechanics, starts, turns and racing strategy.  They will continue to learn the basics of proper dryland mechanics, while learning to work on them with added fatigue and weight.  Like our Age Group Program, the more practices attended the better the experience for your swimmer and the more success they will enjoy.


Senior Prep

Senior Prep will continue to focus on advanced stroke techniques, racing strategies as well as endurance work, both aerobic and anaerobic, in preparation for Senior level swimming.  These swimmers will work on goal setting, time management skills, and a strong commitment to the team.  There will be 6 practices per week for 2 hours and 30 minutes including dryland



Senior Group Overview

The Senior program offers varying levels of training options to accommodate all swimmers.  Senior and Senior Elite groups will produce outstanding swimmers and leaders that will be prepared to compete at a state and national level.  These swimmers will train at an elite level comprising of a commitment to a supportive team environment in reaching their personal and team goals.  Commitment, good time management skills, and a willingness to pursue the highest level of swimming will be required of these groups.  As always, consistent practice attendance is necessary to progress through the senior program.




Senior swimmers will be for high school swimmers who are striving to improve and excel in swimming.  These swimmers will have goals of successfully competing in meets ranging from high school competition to national meets like sectionals.  This group will train at a very high level with an emphasis on endurance while maintaining technique and advanced racing strategies.  Time management ability, goal oriented, positive role models/leaders, and a commitment to practice attendance and team success are essential qualities for these swimmers.  There will be 6 practices per week for 2 hours and 30 minutes including dryland.


·         Goal of becoming Sectional qualifiers


Senior Elite

Senior Elite is the elite group in the Senior program.  This group is by coach's invitation only. The Senior Elite group will strive for success on a national level.  This group will have a highly advanced comprehensive training program.  These swimmers must have clearly defined goals, time management skills, a willingness and desire to work hard to achieve their goals as a positive, supportive teammate. Positive leaders and swimmers committed to practice every day will comprise the Senior Elite group.  There will be 7 practices per week, ranging in time based on the day.


·         Goal of becoming National Level Meet qualifiers



Group Assignments

Group Assignments are done three times a year following the championship meets in December, March and July/August.

The coaches make decisions on group placements based on any or all of the following:


·         Age



·         Ability



·         Desire



Group assignment decisions are reached and agreed upon by the coaching staff.