Group Descriptions

WAVE Aquatics offers two paths through Competitive Swimming; Sport Team and Select Team


Sport “Get Fit – Stay Fit” Team

The Sport Team is for athletes and families that want to stay active, learn the core concepts fitness, and learn the tools to stay fit as they head into adulthood.  The Sport Team is structured by age, with practice times increasing as athletes grow, develop, and age up through the team.  The primary goals of the Sport Team is to teach athletes the value in:

  • Physically Activity
  • Work in a Group to Achieve Goals
  • Socialize and learn how to be a member of a team
  • Learn the Basics of Competitive Swimming
  • Learn the Basics of Physical Movements through Dryland
  • Develop a love for Hard Work and Commitment

Organized by age, Sport Team practices increase in length as athletes age up and grow. The flexible schedule allows athletes to be physically active and still explore other activities.

Sport Team Group Structure


Select “Get Fast – Be Fast” Team

The Select Swim Team is for athletes focused on becoming the best swimming athlete.  They are committed to doing this as a year-round commitment and the primary goal of this team is to teach athletes value in:

  • Excellence through Preparation, Commitment, and Competition
  • Team Before the Individual
  • Develop and Nurture a love for Hard Work and Challenges
  • Value of Failure
  • Grit to work towards each goal

Organized by age, speed, and ability, the Select Team is smaller and geared towards a progressive program of athletes achieving faster times as they elevate through the program. 

Select Team Group Structure


Group Assignments

Group Assignments are done three times a year following the championship meets in December, March and July/August.

The coaches make decisions on group placements based on any or all of the following:


Group assignment decisions are reached and agreed upon by the coaching staff.