WAVE Mission & Philosophy


WAVE Mission Statement:

The mission of Wave Aquatics is to create an environment where excellence is expected every day.


WAVE Philosophy:

As swimmers advance through the groups, the concept of being part of team becomes more and more important. The coaching staff works to stress ideas of being accountable to one another, supporting one another, and developing bonds with one another.




Verbal support of teammates during both meets and practice is stressed by the coaches as we feel it makes a big difference in creating a positive supportive atmosphere where every athlete can succeed.



Swim meets are the reason we conduct practices. Wave Aquatics is a competitive swim team, but we want to promote healthy competition where athletes walk away from each meet having learned something and had time to bond with their teammates out of the water. Wave also hosts several meets during the year, and we need family support to make sure those are run the right way.




We view ourselves like a soccer team: one of our goals is 100% participation in meets. Just like a soccer or baseball team, everyone is there, everyone is participating.



Kids earn their way from group to group and onto relays. Move ups are based on multiple variables such as attendance, effort, swimming skills, dryland skills, and listening ability. The coaches make sure to stick to them and hold each athlete accountable to the same standard.