There are two ways that families get outfitted with Wave gear:

  1. We do a team order with Sylvia’s Swimwear twice a year; once in the fall and once in the early spring.

    Through Sylvia’s you can order items such as sweats, suits, bags, personalized caps, shirts, etc.

    We will email out information to families when orders are open.

    Sylvia’s closest retail store is in Bellevue. You can reach the store at 425 747 1131 or check out their website at


  2. Wave sets up specified times/dates to hand out gear to registered swimmers.

    Each registered swimmer gets:

    >3 team t-shirts

    >1 silicone team cap


    At meets each swimmer is required to have:

    >2 team suits*

    >A team cap (if they wear one)

    >A team bag

    >The correct team T-shirt for that day of the meet**

When a swimmer steps on the blocks at a meet, they must be wearing a team suit and if they choose to wear a cap it must be a Wave cap. The exception to this is swimmers at championship meets (PNS, Regionals, Senior Sectionals, Etc.) may wear a ‘technical racing suit’ instead of their team suit, however they must warm-up in their team suit.  


Wave meet t-shirts are worn in the following order at meets:

Day 1-Classic Black Wave Aquatics t-shirt

Day 2-White Wave Aquatics t-shirt

Day 3-Purple Wave Aquatics t-shirt

Day 4-Wild Card Wave Aquatics t-shirt (your choice)

Day 5-Classic Black Wave Aquatics t-shirt


For practice, click on the Team Equipment link below to find out what your swimmer needs to have.

Team Equipment