Wave Boosters

The Boosters shall comprise of the following positions. No one position will be responsible for a specific event, but will work cooperatively to share in jobs for all events.

Chair – Steven Blackmon

  • Coordinate Booster meetings:
    • Schedule Booster meetings
    • Prepare Booster meeting agenda to be sent out one week prior to Booster meetings
    • Chair the meetings and oversee events and project tasks
  • Maintain Booster budget and accounts – track specific event budgets and expenditures
  • Coordinate communications/information among boosters, families, coaches, and Governing Board

Vice Chair

  • Lead Booster meeting if Chairperson is not able to attend
  • Record Booster meeting minutes
  • Support Chair, events, and projects as needed

Member At Large (2 positions)

  • Fill roles in support of the following events and tasks. Additional assistance can be solicited from general membership via allocation of jobs to the event on the web site.
  1. Fundraising
    • Evangelize corporate matching funds from members, including member education and reminders to log hours volunteered with corporate giving campaigns
    • Swim-A-Thon or similar fundraiser event
    • Coordinate restaurant socials, gift card or restaurant/online discount card programs where Wave receives a percentage of sales
  2. Banquet
    • Secure venue and catering
    • Banquet raffle
    • Coordinate presentation and awards with coaches
    • Slide show including a collection of photos from meets, practices, and social events taken by parent volunteers throughout the year
  3. Social/Non-Meet Events
    • ​New season social event: distribute team gear, coordinate with coaches, swim wear vendor, and other entities
    • Ice skating/winter team event
    • Year-end social
    • Events as desired (events for specific practice groups)
    • If parent leads are assigned for each training group, this position will work with the leads to ensure social events are planned and coordinated
  4. Volunteers
    • Monitor fulfillment of volunteer sign up lists for each event/meet on the web site
    • Send emails about events that need volunteers and signups being available
    • Periodically send emails to families that are low on volunteer hours
    • Post volunteer hours to membership accounts

Co-Chairs (Adjunct Members) - Chad Winkle

  • Coordinate between coaches and Boosters

Additional Adjunct Members:

While the following positions are not directly a part of the Wave Boosters (these positions do not have to attend Booster meetings), they are key to the successful operation of Wave Aquatics. Positions will be filled every August when the Booster positions are filled.

Meet Director - Alan Cardwell

  • Coordinate Booster swim meet activities
  • Need only attend Booster meetings as required to coordinate swim meets
    • ​Post volunteer sign up lists for Wave hosted meets on the web site
    • Liaise with Volunteer Coordinator and designated Booster member

Volunteer Coordinator

  • Responsible for gathering and organizing information about what Wave’s volunteer requirements are for every meet
  • Coordinate timers (lane assignments/shifts) at non-Wave hosted meets
  • Help identify individuals to fill empty jobs
  • Liaise with designated Booster member
  • Coordinate approval and reimbursements to Concession Lead and Hospitality Lead for purchases made

Concession Lead

  • Liaise with the Volunteer Coordinator
  • Inventory JAC storage for tableware and drink/food supplies (list of items to sell will be provided)
  • Wednesday before the meet, send email reminders to shoppers and people that signed up to bring items
  • Coordinate with the Hospitality Lead to determine items/quantity to purchase (reimbursed with supporting receipts) as needed
  • Oversee setup and take down concession with setup and cleanup volunteers
  • Concession sales helper
  • Tally cash box before and after meet
  • Be available via phone during meet to answer question

Hospitality Lead

  • Liaise with the Volunteer Coordinator
  • Wednesday before the meet, send email reminders to shoppers and people that signed up to bring items
  • Coordinate with the Concession Lead to determine items/quantity to purchase (reimbursed with supporting receipts) as needed
  • Oversee setup and take down of hospitality
  • Cleanup 30 minutes before the meet ends

Team Gear Coordinator

  • Design (or engage designer) and order t-shirts (general team shirts, Swim-A-Thon shirts, officials Polo shirts, PNS, Sectionals, Zones, Jr./Sr. Nationals, etc.)
  • Coordinate orders for team gear in conjunction with Sylvia’s
  • Coordinate distribution of team gear, including cap, water bottles, and t-shirts with designated Booster member
  • All purchases, designs, distribution schedules must be approved by a Governing Board member/coach

Comments and Guidelines:

  • The Boosters exists to facilitate and enhance the functioning of the team through social, visual, and financial support, as well as promote member satisfaction. The scope of the Boosters is, like the Governing Board, the "dry side". Coaches maintain exclusive control of the "wet side". No attempt shall be made by any Booster member to influence "wet side" decisions such as the conduct of practice, relay assignments, swimmer promotion, etc.
  • Booster membership is voluntary.
  • The term of each position is for 1 swim year: September 1st to August 31st, with a goal of 2-3 staggered open positions per year so that there is continuity from year to year.
  • Incoming Boosters will be expected to meet once in the month of August to plan for the upcoming season.
  • Booster meetings are currently set at JAC on Saturday mornings approximately every other month. Before major events (fundraiser, banquet) more frequent meetings may be required.
  • Any Booster member who fails to fulfill their duties to the satisfaction of the other members or who fails to attend more than two consecutive Booster meetings without excusal by the Chair will be deemed to have resigned and the position will be re-opened to general membership. Notification of such decisions will be the responsibility of the Chair.
  • Booster service generally allows for sufficient volunteer hours to fulfill service hour commitments. Part year service is apportioned volunteer hours pro-rata.
  • Finding volunteers for any positions that remain unfulfilled will be the responsibility of the Chair, Vice-Chair, Co-Chairs, and Governing Board representative.
  • Each Booster member has a duty to communicate and evangelize current information, events, issues, and news to their own practice groups at every opportunity. Any reasonable information request from a member shall be addressed using appropriate communication tools and media outlets.
  • The Booster comprises of leaders and doers; not talkers and delegators. Booster members are expected to participate in all Booster hosted events.
  • The Booster is the conduit for Wave institutional knowledge and the spread of Wave cultural beliefs (e.g. as a competitive, merit-based swim team, we don’t hand out ribbons to everyone at meets). Meet attendance is the norm.  Parents should never try to be coaches, etc. New members may not understand some things at first, but can only learn through a process of socialization and communication.
  • There shall be no "visiting" members or participation in Booster meetings by non-Booster members. Volunteers assisting in various events will meet with the Booster member responsible outside of Booster meetings. The goal here is to maintain Booster meeting focus and to ensure that Booster members are fulfilling their specific duties. We are open to agenda items from members if they are so inclined.
  • Booster members and adjunct members (except Co-Chair coaches and Meet Director) will submit actual volunteer hours worked monthly to the Chair by email for service hour credits. 
  • The following job description information shall be emailed to the Chair at the end of an event.
  1. ​List of main responsibilities.
  2. A section for each event/task that would include the following info: timeline, list of volunteer positions with related hours of credit, contact names and phone numbers, budget, and notes of what has gone well in the past and what has not worked.