Wave Service Hours Policy 


The purpose of the Service Hours Program is to fairly distribute the work necessary for a successful team operation and involve all parents in the team activities. The Service Hours obligation is a requirement of membership and is consistent with the policy on other teams in Pacific Northwest Swimming.

Service Hours Obligation:  

An annual swim season is September through August. The Service Hours obligation is prorated if a family joins or leaves Wave Aquatics mid-season. Details are provided under the Conditions Section below. The following outlines the Service Hours obligation for families:

  • Black and White Groups – Eighteen (18) hours
  • Purple and Senior Prep Groups – Twenty-three (23) hours
  • Senior and Senior Elite Groups – Twenty-eight (28) hours

All returning members that complete online registration prior to July 31, 2019 shall receive two (2) service hours credited to their Service Hours obligation.

Service Hours Credits:

There are three (3) ways to earn Service Hours credits:

  1. Volunteer at Wave Aquatics sponsored swim meets. Volunteer job sign-up is posted online the week prior to the meet. Volunteer participation is a critical component of a successful meet. 
  2. Perform one of the activities contributing to club operations and support. 
  3. Purchase team solicited items as directed by the Boosters: see event emails and web pages for descriptions. Members that request the value of these purchases be applied against their Service Hours obligation shall not be reimbursed for these expenditures. Purchases will be valued at $30 per service hour.

Registered Officials can earn training dues credit up to 30 hours once their volunteer hours have been met for the year at Wave officiated meets. The hours are valued as follows based on your certification level:

Stroke and Turn $10/Hour

Administrative Official $10/Hour

Starter $15/Hour

Deck Referee/Meet Referee $20/Hour


  • All families are responsible for job sign-up online the week before the meet or event, signing in prior to the beginning of their shift, and signing out at the end of their shift. 
  • Volunteer activities and positions are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. 
  • The Volunteer Coordinator will log your Service Hours on the Wave Aquatics website. 
  • The Service Hours are based on the forecasted duration of the session activity. Sometimes session activities will run longer or shorter than forecasted. The Service Hours logged are not based on the actual time, but are based on the specified hour allotment on the sign-up sheet. If the activity is running longer than estimated, you are expected to stay until the job is completed.

2019-2020 Service Hours Opportunities:

See regular email updates from the Coaches or the Boosters as well as the Meets and Events page for opportunities to fulfill your Service Hours obligation. 



The following terms and conditions should be noted:

  • Each family will be informed of their Service Hours obligation upon registration with Wave Aquatics. It shall be each family’s responsibility to fulfill their Service Hours obligation.
  • Members who fail to fulfill their commitment will be invoiced for $30 per outstanding service hour on June 1, 2020. Any hours worked between June 1st and the end of the 2019-2020 swim year will be credited against the amount billed.
  • Service Hours Obligation at Registration:

Registration Month

Service Hours Obligation

Sept., Oct., Nov.


Dec., Jan., Feb.


Mar., Apr., May


  • Service Hours Obligation will be prorated if an account is suspended for over one month during the season. Please note, only swimmers with the monthly payment plan have the option to suspend their account for a portion of the season.
  • If a member is not able to attend a work shift they have signed up for, the member is responsible for finding their own replacement. If a member or their replacement fails to show for a volunteer work shift, the work hours missed will be billed at $50 per hour. If a member or their replacement is late, $12.50 will be billed for each 15 minute increment (rounded up) until their arrival. It is very difficult to fill jobs once a meet or event has begun; this policy will be strictly enforced.
  • The majority of the required hours must be performed by an adult family member. There are certain activities that may be performed by children fourteen (14) or older. Approval of children by the Volunteer Coordinator prior to the job deadline date must be obtained. No children will be allowed to work any deck activities at a championship meet. No family may transfer service hours worked to another account or otherwise fulfill service hours on behalf of another family, including job replacements.
  • A statement of current Service Hours owed and hours worked for your account are available when you sign-in to the Wave web site. After sign-in, go to ‘My Account’ (top left under sign in/sign out); ‘$My Invoice/Payment’; ‘Service Hours’ tab.
  • It is important to note that the IRS does not allow paid Service Hours obligation assessments to be considered a tax deductible donation to Wave Aquatics.
  • There shall be no banking or carryover of Service Hours, both excess worked or un-worked hours, from one annual season to the next annual season. Members shall not be reimbursed for Service Hours worked in excess of their obligation.
  • A multi-swimmer family’s Service Hours obligation requirement shall be based on the swimmer in the highest group.
  • A family’s Service Hours obligation will not change from the initial registration commitment shall the swimmer move up or down a group level tier in the season. The change shall be recorded in the next annual season.Registration will be denied to returning swimmers/families until Service Hours obligation assessments are paid in full. Those families that register with an unpaid Service Hours obligation shall be given lowest priority on the swimming level waiting list until their obligation is paid. Once their Service Hours obligation is paid, the swimmer will move up the list as positions in the level are filled with swimmers.
  • A Service Hours credit shall not be provided for timing or lap counting your swimmer on a distance event where swimmers are to provide their own timers and lap counters.
  • A Service Hours credit shall be provided for timing at non-sponsored Wave Aquatics swim meets where Wave Aquatics must provide timers for a lane(s).
  • Families cannot use company matching to cover service hours.