Time Standards

The current listed standards were updated on 5/24/2021. We left old time standards up to give swimmers and parents an idea of what those standards looked like in the past. We will update the standards once we receive them from PNS and USA Swimming


Click on the link below for the standards:

USA Swimming Age Group Motivational Times Link (2021-2024 Times)

PNS Gold/Silver (2019-2020)

Junior National Championships*** (2021)

*** Page 3 shows the qualifying times for swimmers 18 &Under

PNS Champs (2019-2020)

Age Group Regionals (AGR) (2019-2020)

Futures (2021)

Speedo Sectionals (SCS) (2021)

Spring Showdown (2019-2020)

Age Group Zones (2021)

Senior Zones (2021)