WPSC Resource Library


Here you will find various reference documents, forms, articles and links to information.  Feel free to browse and download anything that you may need.


Covid-19 Guidelines


Our Covid safety protocols that EVERY Piranha needs to adhere to in order to keep everyone safe!


WPSC Handbook


Every parent and swimmer should read through the handbook.


Club FAQs


Frequently asked questions and misc items.


MAAP Policy


USA Swimming Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy 


WPSC Anti-Bullying Policy


Information regarding how WPSC handles bullying.


What is Tapering?


Explains the science behind tapering and how to get the most out of it.   A MUST READ for all serious swimmers!


The 10 Commandments for Swim Parents


This list of 10 items is also a MUST READ for all parents and will serve your swimmer well.


WPSC Jacket Award Tracking Sheet


This form is used by parents to track which swim meets your swimmer has participated in leading up to his/her Jacket award.


WPSC Board Member Roles and Responsibilities


Detailed description of roles and responsibilities for each board position. Board members are officially elected annually at our Awards Banquet held in March.