Welcome to the Vashon Seals Swim Team

Personal Achievement · Team Unity · Competitive Excellence

We believe swimming builds confidence and character in children, and that at the heart of all great teams, you will find synergy, spirit, and cohesion. It is our goal to provide an atmosphere that encourages those ideals. We strive to provide an environment where respect, camaraderie, and sportsmanship flourish - where every swimmer is supported, from the youngest minnows to our most advanced competitive athletes.

- Head Coach, Randol Turner



We are very fortunate, humbled and proud of the fact that the Seals organization is truly a family. We wholeheartedly believe that it does take a village and we thank you for your support of our program.

In that spirit, we ask all parents to take a few minutes to review the following, as it will help us ensure a positive experience for swimmers, their families, and the coaching staff. Know that we have your child and the team’s best interests at heart and that we are always available to discuss any questions, comments or concerns that you may have.


The safety of our swimmers is of paramount importance to our club, and we take that responsibility very seriously.

Our coaches are members of USA Swimming and are held to the highest standards of integrity and professionalism. As USA Swimming members, we have access to the most comprehensive education and certification curriculum of any youth sport in the United States. The Seals coaching staff provides a technique-oriented training program that allows swimmers to grow in character, physical development, and skill. In addition, they are fully certified in CPR/First Aid, Safety Training for Swim Coaches and have completed rigorous international background checks.

In addition, the Seals coaching staff and board fully support the USA Swimming Safe Sport initiative. More details on that program can be found HERE.

During swim practice, our coaches are responsible for the safety of the athletes. However, it is not possible for the coaches to supervise the locker rooms, reception area or parking lot while they are on-deck. It is therefore important for you to speak with your child about appropriate behavior when they are out of the water.  


In an effort to provide the best possible atmosphere for learning, camaraderie and personal growth, we expect the following from all of our swimmers:

  • Be polite and respectful at all times when interacting with teammates, coaches, pool staff, swimmers from other teams, officials and Seals families.

  • Show up to practice and swim meets on time and with the appropriate equipment.

  • Come to practice ready to listen, focus, and apply what you are being taught.

  • Do not be disruptive before, during or after practices and swim meets. No roughhousing or inappropriate behavior.

  • Listen to coaches and pool staff at all times and follow their instructions.

  • If you have questions or concerns, speak to your parents and coaches – we are here to help you.


The Vashon SEALS Swim Team is established to promote the sport of swimming, and in the process, help to develop the character of the individual swimmers. For the orderly operation of the Vashon SEALS Swim Team, certain rules, regulations, and procedures for enforcing the same must be established. It is the expressed intention of the Vashon SEALS Swim Team to set forth procedures that will aid in identifying behavior the club finds undesirable and define a process for addressing an alleged occurrence. 

This Disciplinary Code shall apply to all behavior occurring during, or at an activity or function, that is associated with the Vashon SEALS Swim Team, including but not limited to: swim practices, swim meets, team trips, team events, team outings, or individual group outings. The Disciplinary Code also addresses objectionable behavior by members of the Vashon SEALS Swim Team occurring outside of team activities. The types of objectionable behavior shall be divided into three (3) classifications:

  • Class I: Shall deal with behavior that is considered very severe and disruptive, possibly life-threatening and/or indirect violation of governmental laws. These are actions that are so detrimental that it is not desirable to have such a person associated with the team.

  • Class II: Shall deal with behavior that is considered disruptive; that has a detrimental effect on one’s self, other members of the team, or the general public; that causes significant damage to the reputation of the club and/or its coaches, or that leads to the possible injury of self or other persons.

  • Class III: Shall deal with behavior that is somewhat disruptive; does not portray the Vashon SEALS Swim Team in a good light, and other actions that do not comply with the SEALS Code of Conduct.

The Disciplinary Procedures for each class of objectionable behavior shall be as follows:

  • Class I: This behavior would include, but not be limited to: Sale or distribution of illegal drugs, sexual misconduct, conviction of a felony or fighting that results in the severe bodily injury of any person (regardless whether at a team activity or not). Class I Objectionable Behavior will result in membership termination or other action as determined appropriate by the Board of Directors.

  • Class II: This behavior would include, but not be limited to: Possession or use of illegal drugs, alcohol, or tobacco, theft, assault or significant vandalism. It also includes the escalation of Class III behavior. Class II Objectionable Behavior will result in membership suspension, or other actions as determined appropriate by the coaching staff and board. Terms of suspension shall be spelled by the coaching staff and board and must be adhered to by the swimmer/parents in order to be reinstated by the coaching staff and board at the end of the suspension period. Suspension from the team would include a period of one-week minimum, up to the rest of the season.

  • Class III: This behavior would include, but not be limited to: minor vandalism, being disruptive in practices or meets, abusive or sexually inappropriate language or behavior, violation of PNS/USA Swimming standards and regulations, insubordination to members of the coaching staff, officials, chaperones, or others, littering and other acts of misconduct as determined by the coaching staff. Discipline will be determined by the coaching staff (including but not limited to, suspension from practice, and/or suspension from meet(s)). Repeated Class III offenses may result in the offense being considered a Class II Objectionable Behavior.

During all investigations into allegations of Class I & II offenses, involving questioning or interviewing of the subject swimmer, a parent, or guardian of such a swimmer shall be present.


A successful swimming experience depends on parents playing the right role on the parent-athlete-coach team. Here are a few ‘Do’s and Dont’s’ for success:

  • Leave the coaching to coaches. This includes pre-race psyching, motivation, after race critiquing, setting goals, enforcing additional cross-training, interrupting practice, changing a swimmer’s events, etc.
  • Support the coaches & the team. Get involved, talk the program up and volunteer.
  • Be your child’s best fan and do not bribe or offer incentives– support your child unconditionally. Bribes will only distract your child from proper race preperation.
  • Take your concerns directly to the coaches. If you have a problem, do not go to other parents to discuss it. Our coaches are approachable, supportive and understanding. Their goal is to do what is best for your child and the team.
  • Understand and display appropriate meet behavior. Remember your child’s self-esteem and race performance are at stake. Be supportive and cheer but always be appropriate.
  • Be an appropriate liaison to the coach – keep the coach informed as to how your child is responding to the experience (when appropriate). If your child is having trouble with something that happened at practice or with something the coach said, help the child deal with it and if necessary, speak directly with the coaches.


The success of the SEALS program is largely due to the support of our parent volunteers. We will continue to need your support for that success to continue.

The club holds a number of events throughout the year, from BBQs and bake sales to swim meets, bubble up, bubble down, Strawberry Festival, etc. We always need an extra pair of hands to help things run smoothly and safely.

Volunteers also make up the SEALS board, and we are always looking for parents with financial, non-profit or athletic expertise to help run the operations or “dry side” of the club.

There are many opportunities to volunteer for the club and we ask that each family commit to helping us with events, fundraising activities, equipment maintenance, etc. A call for volunteers goes out before events, but the club is also happy if you would like to take on a job and make it your own. Please speak to a board member or coach if you have any questions or would like more information about opportunities to help the team

Last but not least, as a non-profit program that relies on fundraising to stay afloat and keep fees affordable, we are always looking for new ways to generate revenue. If you have any ideas that you would like to share for fundraising, please let us know.


Thank you again for your continued support of our program and for being part of the Seals family. Please let us know what we can do to help your child have the best possible experience.