December 31, 2021

2022 Member Registration Will Open in January, 2021


Walnut Creek Masters Swim Team welcomes continuing to our 2022 on-line registration. We will be continuing our current workout program with advance sign-ups required. Our workout sign-ups will continue to be limited as in 2021. Our long-time Head Coach, Kerry O'Brien retired last year with his induction into the International Swimming Hall of Fame, as the first U.S. Masters Coach to be honored with this recognition. Kerry will continue to be a member of our Team.

We have increased our coaching staff. Our six-member coaching staff is led by Co-Head Coaches Mike Heaney and Steve Stahl, with Assistant Coaches, Russell Mikuni, Debbie Santos, Lee Ward, and Lisa Ward.

Because of our pool workout capacity limitation due to Covid-19 restrictions, and our need to cover increased fixed costs including much higher pool rental fees, we are continuing 2022 offering only Annual memberships (pre-paid or monthly) and Associate Memberships. We are not offering workout pass memberships.

  • Annual Pre-Paid Membership with Pool Pass: $1100
  • Annual Membership Paid in Monthly Installments with Pool Pass: $100/month
  • Associate Membership with No Workout Privilege: $50
  • Associate Membership with a one-time issuance of 15 workouts for the year. (offered only to those members living outside of the Bay Area): $150
  • College Membership offered during the Holiday season and during Summer vacation to college students only. Available beginning June to mid-September and mid December to mid January: $50 per month.

For continuing members:

All continuing members will be automatically registered for 2022 unless we are notified of your intent to cancel your membership. Please be sure that your credit card information is up to date   If you need help accessing your member account, please contact Team Manager Harold "Bosco" Boscovich, (925) 915-4786.  If you find it necessary to request special financial arrangements please contact Bosco for a confidential discussion.

For prospective new members:

We will open registration to new memberships on January 2, 2022

All Members must first separately register with United States Masters Swimming

Note:  All continuing WCM members must separately register with USMS for 2022 before their WCM membership can be accepted. USMS registration will require a separate fee and payment. If you have not already registered with US Masters Swimming, please do so now:

A Special Message About Donations

All WCM members registering for 2022 are once again encouraged to consider making a voluntary donation to WCM.  This year we are again counting on member donations to balance our budget. Our goal for 2022 is to raise 5 percent of our budget through donations.  As you register you will navigate through the voluntary donations screen which includes a link to the WCM donation screen, where you can charge your donation to your credit card on file. Also, anyone at any time may make a donation using the link on our website home page.  WCM is a recognized 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization and donations are potentially tax deductible for you -(please check with your tax advisor).