WH2O Membership

Your introductory workout with WH2O is complimentary. After that practice, dues are paid monthly. Your dues cover the cost of renting pool time and paying our professional coaching staff. Dues must be paid at the beginning of the month; members who are delinquent in their payments will be barred from further practice.

After your first workout, review the on-line registration instructions. The instructions provide a step-by-step guide through the on-line registration and payment process. All new and returning members must complete the WH2O on-line registration process.

Once your on-line registration is complete and your first month dues payment is received, WH2O will validate your USMS and/or USAWP membership based on the membership number(s) submitted on-line. For insurance purposes you must be a registered athlete with your sport. Failure to maintain your USMS/USAWP membership will bar you from practicing with WH2O. Upon validation, you will be issued login credentials (username and password) for this site where you can check your account balance and payments, view your workout attendence, and learn about important team information and events.

WH2O does not refund dues unless authorized by its Board of Directors. Please contact the treasurer for any additional questions or visit the about page for additional contact information as well as our policies and procedures.

Administrative Dues - All Members

Annual Administrative Dues for ALL
Swimmers and Water Polo Players

Swimming Membership Options

All swimming & water polo workouts
$80/month via Visa/Mastercard
$90/month via Check
(additional $10 fee per month for check processing) 

Water Polo Membership Options

Water polo workouts & Friday evening swims
$37.50/month via Visa/Mastercard
$47.50/month via Check
(additional $10 fee per month for check processing)

Individual Workouts

Individual Swim or Water Polo Workout Payment Option:
$10/workout (option available ONLY AFTER payment of one full month of dues following initial team registration)
$10 is payable to coach on deck; cash or check payable to West Hollywood Aquatics