WH2O Membership

Open for Returning Members

11/1/14 - 12/31/30

Open for New Members

11/1/14 - 12/31/30


Your first workout with WH2O is FREE!   
(Visit our Calendar and Pool Locations pages to plan your complementary introductory workout)

After your first workout, return here to initiate your membership with our swim or water polo teams.  If you are already a US Masters Swimming (USMS) or USA Water Polo (USAWP) registered athlete, joining WH2O is easy - click the Continue or Check Status button below, enter your information, and pay your first month dues and fees. 

If you are a new or returning athlete, you must first register with your sport-governing authority by visiting:
        USMS Registration
        USAWP Registration
        (Registration with USMS (for swim team) or USAWP (for water polo) is required for WH2O membership)

The West Hollywood Pool requires an ID card to participate in practices. To obtain ID Card, click here to create an account on the WeHo Recreation site.   The ID card will be given to you at the pool at no extra charge.