Wisconsin Swimming


Our team vendor is Simply Swimming, and we are a Speedo Sponsored team! Our relationship with Simply Swimming is instrumental to our clubs success! In addition to helping us get the best possible deal on team suits and clothing, Simply Swimming doea a lot to outfit our coaching staff and national team members, and helps out with our graphic design needs. 

Our sponsorhip with Speedo also provides our coaches and national team swimmers with apparel, allows us to purchase team gear at a discount, and gives us access to Speedo promotional materials. We can't track all of the swim-related purchases that you make throughout a season, but we encourage you to remember these vital team relationships and spend your money accordingly.    

All swimmers will receive a team suit along with their fall registration. This suit must be worn for meets (exceptions will be high level meets where coaches approve technical suits). Families will need to stop in at Simply Swimming to get sized and try on team t-shirts. 

Visit Simply Swimming's site to order team apparel. If you know your suit size, you can order it online. Keep in mind that when you order online, there are no returns once the suit has a logo put on-the suit you order is the suit you will get! 

T-shirt sizes will need to be entered into each swimmer's account on our website. 

Families interested in getting more BAC gear for their swimmers will have several chances throughout the season. And, team spirit shouldn't just involve the swimmers! We've worked with Simply Swimming to expand the variety of BAC clothing available to our parents!