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About Us


The Stateline Aquatic Team (STAT) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization governed by a parent board of directors and run by a staff of professional swim coaches.  STAT has been providing a competitive swimming program for youths ages 5 and older from the Stateline area since 1973 - over 45 years!  Our goal is to create a team atmosphere that encourages the development of each swimmer so that our athletes may reach their own highest potential in a fun and safe environment.  We seek to achieve this goal through the recruitment of the highest quality coaching staff available and through the guidance of a strong parent board of directors.




Our mission as a swim program is to encourage hard work and fun through the enjoyment of swimming.  We do this by teaching sportsmanship, dedication, integrity and respect of self and others.  This is accomplished by providing athletes opportunities to achieve personal and team goals.




STAT is committed to provide a fun and safe environment for our swimming community while empowering young athletes to achieve their highest potential in swimming and future endeavors.


Swimming Governing Bodies & Leagues


There are many types of swimming teams and governing bodies that oversee those teams.  There are all kinds of club swim teams, middle and high school teams, collegiate teams and even recreational league swim teams.  Each of these various types of swim teams is typically governed by, or is a member of, some related association.


The Stateline Aquatic Team is a member of USA Swimming.  USA Swimmingis the National Governing Body that oversees and administers the US Olympic Swim Team!  In essence, by joining The Stateline Aquatic Team, you are becoming a member of America’s Swim Team along with the likes of Michael Phelps and Missy Franklin!


USA Swimming is comprised of 52 local swim committees.  These local swim committees are responsible for administering the swim teams and governing swim meets within their region.  The Stateline Aquatic Team is a member of the Wisconsin Local Swim Committee. This means that we attend the Wisconsin Swimming’s Regional, State and Zone competitions.  However, our team is not limited to attending competitions in Wisconsin only.  STAT is able to compete in meets in other LSC’s of our choosing depending on our schedule and the meet’s availability.  In the past we have competed in states like Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Florida and more!


For more information about USA Swimming or Wisconsin Swimming, please refer to the websites below:





USA Swimming Seasons


USA Swimming offers two distinct swim seasons, Short Course Yards (SCY), and Long Course Meters (LCM).  


The Short Course Yard season for STAT starts in September and culminates in February or March with various Championship Meets.  As the name implies, all of the meets are contested in shorter, non-Olympic sized, 25-yard pools throughout the region.


The Long Course Meters season for STAT starts in April, typically just after Spring Break.  This Long Course Season runs from April until the Championship meets in late July and early August.  Long Course Meter pools are 50-meter-long “Olympic Sized” pools.  There are not a lot of 50m pools in the United States, and because of their sheer size and cost to build and maintain, most of them are outdoor pools in our region.  This is one reason why the Long Course season is in the summer (although there are still some long course meets held in the fall and winter). 


Both short course and long course seasons offer various types and sizes of swim meets.  Some of these meets are local and some are what we call “travel” meets.  STAT encourages our swimmers to participate in as many meets as possible and offers a variety of local and travel meets for our members to attend.  The swim meets are the most fun part about competitive swimming and give our swimmers an opportunity to put all of their hard work in practice to the test!


Both the SCY and LCM seasons offer season-end championship meets.  The type/level of championship meet that your swimmer will attend depends on your swimmer’s best times throughout the season.  Most of these season-end championship meets have “qualifying times.”  In order to be able to compete in that meet and swimmer must have achieved a minimum “time standard.”


Our coaching staff designs the season and practices so that our swimmers are at their peak for their target championship meet or so that they are able to qualify for the championship meet of their choosing.  The Stateline Aquatic Team believes that our swimmers should challenge themselves and strive to qualify for, and compete in, the highest championship meet possible.