Wisconsin Swimming
Level 2

Beloit College - Powerhouse Pool (NEW POOL)

Beloit College completed the Powerhouse Pool in 2020.  These are instructions for how to get to the "New Pool."

  1. Map To Parking & Pedestrian Bridge
  2. Walk Across Pedestrian Bridge to enter the Powerhouse.
  3. Turn right, walk downstairs
    1. Spectators go down 1 flight of stairs, turn left & turn left again to enter the seating area
    2. Swimmers go down 2 flights of stairs, turn left & turn left again.  Locker Rooms and Changing Rooms are straight ahead.

Beloit College - Kresge Natatorium (OLD POOL)

The Stateline Aquatic Team practices year-round at Beloit College.  As of 2020, Beloit College built a new pool (above).  These are instructions for the "Old Pool"

Practice times vary throughout the season and will be communicated to team members well in advance of the season.  Typically, practices are offered every Monday through Friday in the evenings.  We will sometimes have a few Saturday practices when we don’t have swim meets and the pool is available.

We realize that it can be a little challenging to find the Beloit College Pool on the Beloit College Campus the first time.  Therefore, we have tried to make it as easy as possible with these maps and these videos:

Regular Maps and Details

Click for Map of Beloit College

Google Map - Alternative Parking Locations

Link To Video Showing How To Drive Into Main Parking Lot (Can Be Confusing!)

Link To Video Showing Walking Path To Main Entrance Of Sports Center

Link To Video Showing How To Get To Locker Rooms & Multipurpose Meeting Room

Link To Video Showing How To Get To The Pool’s Stands

Click More Options below on Google Map to get directions to parking lot.


In the summer when school is out, we offer morning practices at the Ledges Pool.  The morning practices are in addition to the evening practices offered at Beloit College.  Younger swimmers can choose to attend one or the other, while senior swimmers encouraged to try to attend both!

Ledges Pool - 7063 McCurry Road, Roscoe, IL 61073


735 Windsor Road, Loves Park, IL