Thank you to all the children and parents for attending the TRY IT Week of the Summer Swim Session! Below is the paperwork given to parents attending the Thursday Parent Meeting. 

Please sign and return the Swimmers Code of Conduct and the Parent's Code of Conduct to one of our coaches. click the link below to print! Please read through carefully with your swimmer- as our children are held accountable to this code while at our own Rec or out as a club!

Swimmer's Code of Conduct   ::   Parent's Code of Conduct

As part of your membership in CAST, your individual swimmer(s) will gain a membership to the REC during the swim season. Please print and fill out the form below and return to the front desk supervisor at the CHS Rec Center. This is free, and necessary even if you child is part of your family membership. All CAST swimmers must have this form on file with the Rec.

CHS REC Membership Form

Again, PLEASE consider getting involved. We welcome all parents to Board Meetings (third Tuesday each month) and please reach out with any questions!

Schedule of the Week

April 22 & 23: Try the Clintonville Area Swim Team by swimming with the coaches in a controlled swimming environment. To be eligible, a child should be able to swim one length of the "sport" pool, be able to hold breath under water, and have a good & coachable attitude!


Once you arrive, please check in at the front desk, get your child dressed and bring your swimmer to the bleachers on the far side of the pool to wait for coach instruction.

Find the Parent Liason to schedule your child's evaluation time for Wednesday.

April 24: Coaches will evaluate each swimmer based on readiness for the team. All swimmers must be assessed to join the team. Assessments will be 10min intervals as scheduled by CAST Liason. Parents will be given assessment notes and given further detail on how to move forward. Parents must be present for evaluation. There will be no other group events/practices on this day.

April 25: Parent meeting (by invite) for those eligible to join CAST to answer registration and general questions. Parents will be notified by the coaching staff after evalutations on Wednesday. Swimmers welcome for a supervised swim time during the meeting.

** And remember- We care about your kids, so never leave your child without checking in with an adult team-member! SAFETY FIRST  &#

Please note! 🌟 The leisure pool will be closed to all patrons (including CAST swimmers) during CHS Rec swimming lessons. Mon & Thurs 5pm-7.30pm

For any questions or concerns, please submit through the "contact us" section and someone will get back to you.