Schedule of the Week

October 13 + 14 6:30pm - 7:30pm: Try the Clintonville Area Swim Team by swimming with the coaches in a controlled swimming environment. To be eligible, a child should be able to swim one length of the "sport" pool, be able to hold breath under water, and have a good & coachable attitude!


Once you arrive, please check in at the REC’s front desk, get your child dressed and bring your swimmer to the bleachers on the far side of the pool to wait for coach instruction.

Find the Parent Liaison to schedule your child's evaluation time for Friday.

October 15 4:00pm - 6:00pm: Coaches will evaluate each swimmer based on readiness for the team. All swimmers must be assessed to join the team. Assessments will be 10min intervals as scheduled by CAST Liaison. Parents will be given assessment notes and given further detail on how to move forward. Parents must be present for evaluation. There will be no other group events/practices on this day.

** And remember- We care about your kids, so never leave your child without checking in with an adult team-member! SAFETY FIRST! &#

October 17 3:30pm - 6:00pm: Mandatory parent meeting for all membership. This is a yearly meeting to introduce the club any off season changes that have occured. Parents will have the oppotunity to speak with the coaching staff, the board members, and the registrar. Swimmers will be taking Team photos and meeting with the coaches during this time.


For any questions or concerns, please submit through the "contact us" section and someone will get back to you.


***Tentative Meet Schedule and Practice Times Here***

Team uniforms are now ALL Black suit with CAST cap. Swimmer may choose his/her own goggles - in any color. Please click the photo to see CAST's gear options. Also note- swimers will now be required to use a snorkel during practice. The first can be purchased through CAST for $15. If lost/stolen- must be replaced at the full cost of the swimmer (item is available in Team Gear).

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Important Dates to Remember