How to Join

Go to the Documents page and complete the appropriate paperwork and pay the fees.

CAST Registration Fee is $135.00  OR If Out Reach Fee: $90.00

USA Reg Fee: $41-$62   OR IF   Outreach Fee: $5  (See Below)


Every Athlete Needs to complete: CAST Registration Form, Family Time Committment Form, and the appropriate USA Swim Registration. 

IF your swimmer receives Free & reduced Lunch Compelete the USA Swim Outreach Registration form

IF your swimmer is just joining for the Summer session 1 (April 1 -August 26, 2016) = $41.00

IF Your Swimmer Is just joining for the Winter Session  2  (Sept - Feb ) = $41.00

IF your Swimmer is joining the Entire year (Jan 1- Dec. 31) = $62.00

Application Related Forms