Season Notice - Mailed to all Active Accounts

Serena Malueg

Swim Families, 

During this difficult time I thought a letter to connect would be great.  Unfortunately,  we were not able to enjoy our end of season with our bowling party.   We were hoping this would be a very temporary issue, but it looks like this is not feasible..  So we are sending these end of season certificates home with a water safe sticker that your swimmer will be able to put on their water bottle (not dishwasher safe.. Don’t ask me how I know).  We have plenty of stickers so you will have the opportunity to purchase any extras for a nominal fee of $2 each.

After the last board/parent meeting, the board has voted to cancel the summer season session due to many factors beyond our control. Our club has recently learned that the Rec Center will not be available until July (at the earliest).  At this time, the CAST board is still meeting monthly to tackle any current business and planning as we look toward getting back to our normal activities. Please don’t forget that we have an election going on, so I’ve included a ballot for your convenience. Watch online for updates on voting or mail this ballot to the PO Box to make your voice heard.

So what is next for our club…?

Even with everything that is happening in the world right now, I would still love to connect with any swimmer wanting to keep physically active.  I will be posting a dryland workout on the CAST fb page twice a week (Tuesday/Thursday).  My hope is to do a circuit workout including a runthrough 1X to demonstrate each exercise. Concentrating on different muscle groups. You can then do the circuit as many times as you feel.  I encourage parents to do the workout with your swimmer. As restrictions begin to lift, we will begin to consider club events and activities throughout the community and in the pool.

This summer will be unlike anything that this club has experienced, but we can make the best of this time!! Please continue to follow us on facebook, interact and reach out to the coaches and to the board- we are all missing the pool with you!

Stay healthy on behalf of the entire coaching staff and the board of directors, 

Coach Carla Smith