Assigned Roster Levels for the Winter 2018 season

Serena Malueg
Nov 4, 2018

Please be sure your child is ready & excited at their assigned lane at the assigned time with appropriate gear. 

Coaches do not want to waste swim time “gathering” kids from the small pool.

Please encourage your child to wear their CAST cap until they are into the routine- this will help coaches and parents to assist in locating a swimmer that has missed their "lane time"

LEVEL 4/5 - M-Th from 3:45p-5:15 (**Need board and fins**)

(Sami, Brianna, Kelli, Bella, Emma, Kenzie, Keara, Danielle, Evan, Cassidy, Natalie, Carter, Grace Ann, Addison, Paige, Cadence, Calleigh, Lily, Jackie)

LEVEL 3 – M-Th from 5:15p-6:00 (**Need board and fins**)

(Ethan, Ryan, Tyler, Gavin, Noah, Ana, Kennedy, Katie, Alyce)

LEVELS 1 & 2 M, T, Th from 6:00p-6:45

LEVEL 2 in LANES 5 & 6 (**Need board and fins**)

(Jameson, William, Charlie, Egen, Parker, Sofia, Lexie, Lily)

LEVEL 2 in LANES 1-3 (**Need fins**)

(Elle, Gen, Patty, Payden, Cadence, Marly, Aurora, Ashton, Gary, Addyson)

LEVEL 1 in LANE 8 (**Need fins**)

(Kyle, Brogan, Brynnley, Sophia, Amalia, Emmalyn, Clara, Jessa, Quinn, Bristol, Alayna)