Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)



How do I know which group my swimmer should be in?         

  • If your swimmer is new to the team, bring your swimmer to one of our New Swimmer Placement sessions before the start of the season.  There, our coaching staff will place your swimmer in the group that best matches their age, ability level, interests, and goals. Board members and parent volunteers will be on hand to answer your questions about swimming and the team.  Or, contact us to schedule a new swimmer evaluation. 
  • Group placement for current swimmers is evaluated on an ongoing basis.  A list of group recommendations will be distributed by the coaching staff prior to the start of each session.  If a swimmer is registered for a lower group and then gets moved up mid-season, you will not be expected to pay the higher group registration fee until the next session.  Being in a higher group is not always beneficial to the athlete.  It is most important for them to feel that they can keep up with the work out and be comfortable in the group they are in and not overwhelmed with the practice expectations of a higher training group.

How do I know when he/she can move to the next group?       

  • If a swimmer meets all of the criteria of the next training group and the coaching staff believes he/she should move up, the swimmer and his/her family will be notified.

How many practice sessions a week are required?

    We don't "require" attendance for any of our swimmers.  Swimmers may attend as many practices as they like each week, based on their goals and what fits their family's schedule.



Our family schedule is busy; does DFAC Swimming help with car pools?

Once you've registered, our New Family Parent Coordinator can help you find a car pool with other families in your neighborhood that also swim on our team.  Registered families may visit the "Parents" section of our website, for more information.



What is the volunteer commitment and how do I sign up?

  • DFAC is a parent-run organization that could not thrive without your active participation.  Parents are expected to volunteer at DFAC-hosted home swim meets, volunteer for committees or activities, and help with other events as they arise.  DFAC has a Parent Volunteer Program, which is designed to tap in to the diverse expertise of our families, and provide families an opportunity to help out.
  • DFAC-hosted home meets and committee volunteer sign-ups will be posted online in advance of the home swim meet.
  • If you do not fulfill your home meet volunteer commitment, your online account will be charged $50 per SESSION.



Are the team suit and/or cap required and where can they be purchased?    

  • All new swimmers get a latex team cap when they join the team.  Additional caps may be purchased from the Meet Director, by visiting our online team store.  Both latex and silicone are available for a nominal fee.
  • If your swimmer wears a cap, the coaches require a team cap be worn at meets.  
  • Team suits are required.  Swimsuit fittings may be scheduled at the pool at the start of the season.
  • Additionally, team clothing orders will take place periodically throughout the year.  



How is communication handled?

  • Website and email.  The primary method of communication is via our website ( and email.  The website will provide information regarding practice times, meet information and results, as well as upcoming events.
  • Swimmer/coach meetings.  Within the weekly practice routine, coaches set aside time to talk with the swimmers about practices, swim meets, and other events.
  • Parents may attend periodic parent and board meetings, to stay informed team announcements and club business.  Our board meetings are held in public spaces, and are open to all registered families.
  • Additionally, a file boxes will be located at the DeForest Area High School pool.  One contains folders to be used as mailboxes for the coaches and board members. The other contains a folder for each registered family.

How do parents communicate with the coaches?

  • Parents may email their group coach with questions regarding your swimmer / our swim program throughout the season, or, chat with their coach after practice. Questions related to billing, registration, or team administration should be directed to a board member. Email addresses for our coaches and board members may be found HERE



Are swim meets mandatory?

  • Swimmers are encouraged to participate in swim meets, when they are ready.  Competition allows a swimmer to see the progress they are making.  Seeing  improvement is very important in keeping the athlete motivated and interested in swimming. 
  • All swimmers will be entered in our home meet unless their coach has received prior notification.
  • Our team also provides our swimmers the opportunity to participate in other local area meets, or meets at the state- or even national-levels.

How do you sign up for meets?

  • Meet information will be posted on the website.  Parents will receive an email, reminding them to indicate whether they intend to sign up their swimmer for each meet, as the meet date approaches. Prior to each meet registration deadline, parents should use the online sign-up in the “Events” area of the website to commit each swimmer for the dates they will attend.  While the coaching staff will choose individual events as well as relay entries, swimmers are encouraged to indicate event preferences when they sign up.

Do we carpool to and/or sit together at meets?

  • The club does not provide transportation to/from meets; however, many parents are willing to help get a swimmer to a meet.  Directions to swim meet sites can be found on our website as well as individual host club sites. We do encourage families to sit together, cheer for, and support all DFAC swimmers.  DFAC Swimming is known state-wide as a team with a lot of team spirit!


What are my financial obligations when I join the swim club?

  • All swimmers pay group dues dependent upon the group level in which they are placed. A combination of pool time, coaching time, coach to swimmer ratio, session length and practice requirements is used to determine fees. 
  • Each swimmer is also required to maintain membership with USA Swimming.  An annual membership fee is charged based upon the swimmer’s age and is determined annually by USA Swimming.  The monies collected are sent to USA Swimming, provides insurance coverage and process your registration.  As a registered USA Swimming swimmer, you will receive a copy of SPLASH magazine quarterly from USA Swimming.
  • DFAC hosts three to four home swim meets per year.  Each family is responsible for a nominal concession donation for each home swim meet.
  • Should a swimmer choose to participate in a swim meet, meet fees as indicated in the individual meet information, will be charged to the swimmer’s account.
  • Coaches also encourage personal ownership of certain equipment (such as fins, kickboards, etc) based upon group recommendations.  A list of coach-recommended equipment can be found under the Swimmers tab of our website.
  • Participation in seasonal fundraisers is recommended.

Do you offer discounts for multiple swimmers? Flexible payment options?

  • Families with 2 or more swimmers receive multi-swimmer discounts per session.
  • Fees may be paid on either a prorated basis over the course of the season or paid in full when you register.



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