Why DFAC Swimming?


1. We have a long history of creating lasting family friendships through swimming.

2. Our practices are a mix of hard work and fun, learning about how we move through the water, and promoting team work, responsibility, and self-confidence. Our swimmers take pride in their individual, teammate, and team accomplishments.
3. We have coached beginning swimmers who start out vertical, national swimmers who went on to D1 universities, and everything in between.
4. Our coaches have been teachers, psychologists, medical professionals, high school coaches, competitive swimmers and more. We pride ourselves on understanding the needs of children and youth, and we stay on top of training advances. We provide a high coach to swimmer ratio to address the needs of all swimmers.
5. We offer a Cross Training option for swimmers who participate in other activities, but who want to maintain their swim technique. Cross Train allows our swimmers to attend their assigned group for up to 2 days per week.
6. We offer sessions every season to enhance your swimmer’s skills throughout the year.
7. We offer many choices for competition including small age group meets, state, regional, and national meets to address the talents and interests of our swimmers.
8. Our practice pools are centrally located for many communities and are an easy exit from major highways.
9. The De Forest community has approved the building of a new training facility that will include a new pool. The current practice pools are both well-maintained and offer space for dryland.
10. We contribute to our communities through donations and volunteerism, while also bringing business to our community via the hundreds of families and swimmers who attend our meets. Over the years we have donated lanelines, scoreboards, and other capital equipment.