Some rules for a good start at the new pool:

Please check the schedule to be sure that you come at the correct day and time.  All fees must be paid in order to attend practice.

You must wait at the door outside of the pool until we let you in for practice.

Swimmers must come wearing their suits and bringing their current equipment, goggles, towel, and water bottle.

Bring warm clothes to quickly slip over your suit after practice. 

You will have access to the family locker room, but are expected to leave within 5 minutes of the end of practice so we are not changing in/out of suits at this time.   

Parents, we need you to arrive before the end of practice. 

We will go over safety rules at the pool.  New swimmers will see the equipment they will need, and parents can check the list on our web site.

We are looking forward to starting a regular schedule at our home pool with all of you!!!