Signing up for a Swim Meet Event


Sign in to the GBSC website.


Click on the EVENTS button in the bar on the top of the page and find the event you want to attend.


Learn about the meet by clicking on the Meet Name next to the date box.


Scroll down to the forms/documents section and click on the meet info document. Review this. It is all the specific information about the meet you selected. Some families print this. Read it carefully.


Click on the back arrow at the top of your page to go back to the main page of the Event.


Click on the ATTEND/DECLINE button and you will land on a screen that says 'Athlete Sign-Up'.


Scroll down and click on your swimmer’s name.


Find the DECLARATION box and choose ‘Yes sign me up’ or ‘No Thanks’


If you choose ‘YES’, you will see a listing of all the events offered. It is important that you have looked at the meet info so that you will know which days and times (morning, afternoon, evening) that these events are.


Read any special information.


Click on each box to the left of each swim race your child wants to swim.


After all races are selected, click on SAVE CHANGES box on the lower right of the screen. Do not miss this step or you will have no races for the meet. If you have selected too many events, the computer won’t let you SAVE CHANGES!


Finished! The Coach will review and approve your sign-up and then you are committed to the meet and the fees associated.


Important Information


You can make changes to your choices before the deadline date for sign up. If you miss the signup deadline, you cannot swim the meet. If your child is sick or cannot make it to the swim meet they signed up for, your account will still be billed for the meet charges.


Relays will be set up by the Head Coach if there are enough kids (4) in the age brackets. Relays are generally at the beginning and/or at the end of the swim session. 


If the event is listed as OPEN, anyone/any age can swim this event. If an event is listed as SENIOR it is only open to those swimmers that fall outside the age brackets set by the meet.


If this seems confusing or difficult you can watch a video that walks you through the steps. Click on the link below for a tutorial video. When the video screen appears, hold mouse to the right of the video on the words PLAYLIST to see a pop up menu of the video choices and then select MEET SIGN UP 101.


Click here for Tutorial Video


Please commit early so that the Coach has plenty of time to review all the race requests and forward them to the Host team.