Best Times Incentives & Awards For Our Swimmers

We love to celebrate the successes of our Ducks! In addition to earning ribbons and awards at swim meets, our Duck Swimmers have opportunities to acheive the following incentives for awesome individual success:

1) Best Time Board Recognition:  Every time you swim a personal best time in a swim meet, your performance will be recognized with a check mark by your name on our Best Times Board HERE

2) Golden Wings Patch:  When you achieve 20 best times, Coach Biller will present you with your distinguished Golden Wings Patch. You'll also have your photo taken, and it will be shared on our website's team feed. Proudly display this patch on your swim team bag, warm-up jacket, team towel or shirt. Celebrate your awesomeness! 

3)  New Event Awards: It takes a lot of guts to try something new, especially when you're just starting out in this sport! We want to encourage you to try every event out there!  Who knows... that 200 IM, 500 Free or 1650 could end up being your best race! To celebrate your effort, every time you try a new event, you'll receive a cool Ducks Pin-On Button. We'll put your button in your team mailbox. Wear it with pride, and then keep swimming and improving in that event. We'll recognize your progress on our Best TIme Board!

3)  Medals & Ribbons: Check your mailbox in the days following a swim meet to collect your ribbons and medals. Some meets require you to pick up your awards at the end of your session. Coach will typically let you know, but it's always good practice to check the meet program or ask at the check-in table for this info.