Wisconsin Swimming
Level 2

Swim Meet 101

Meet Schedule
Please check under the Events section of the website for the most current information.  Pay special attention to the registration deadlines to ensure you get your swimmer(s) registered for the meets they intend to swim.

Essentials for your swimmer's swim bag...

  • 2 to 3 Large towels​
  • Swim suit or 2
  • Swim cap or 2
  • Goggles (have 2 pairs - straps and nose pieces can break)
  • Sun screen will be needed for outdoor meets
  • Water or other form of hydration - research shows that water the best form of hydration
  • Healthy snacks or money for concessions - your swimmer(s) need fuel before, during and after a meet
  • Ear / nose plugs if needed
  • Dry clothes / warm-up

Other items could include a lock if your swimmer needs to secure their items in a locker, deck shoes or flip flops, hair bands, brush, shampoo/conditioner, water proof marker (for writing event and heat number on hand, arm or leg), something to do to pass the time (books, homework, electronics, etc.) any medication your child might need for asthma, diabetes, etc.

Review the meet packet for each meet because it contains the following information and much more...

  • Meet format (time trial, timed finals, prelim/finals, etc.)
  • Facility information including location and pool size and configuration
  • Registration Deadline, entry limits, meet fees, check-in/scratch policy, and deck entry policy, etc.
  • Scoring and awards
  • Concession, program and heat sheet cost, entry fees, etc.
  • Warm-up schedule
  • Order of events
  • Clerk of Course policy

Keys to success...

  • Plan to arrive 15 minutes before warm-ups begin...this ensures that your swimmer is there on time and gives you a chance to get a spot in the bleachers.
  • Know the check-in policy and make sure your swimmer gets checked in on time
  • Parents are not allowed on deck unless you are volunteering for a job on deck...and remember your are there to perform you job.
  • Encourage and cheer on your swimmer swimmer and team but let the coaches coach.
  • Psych sheets, programs, heat sheets and meet mobile are great tools to help you know when and where your swimmer will be swimming.
  • Make sure your swimmer doesn't leave the meet until they have checked in with their coach.  The coaches are responsible for your swimmer during the meet so they need to know where they are.
  • Many times, relays are not yet finalized until after the meet starts.  Make sure your swimmer knows if they are on a relay before leaving the meet.