Wisconsin Swimming
Level 2

Travel Policy

LGSC arranges for several travel trips a year for the various competitive swim groups within the club. The younger swimmers (12 and under) travel in order to prepare them for the exciting world that awaits in the upper age groups. These trips, while focusing on fun, teach the younger swimmer how to compete in different environments, with different eating habits, and schedules and also serve as a team bonding experience. The senior level (13 and above) swimmers travel to compete in regional and national level competitions such as Sectionals, Nationals. LGSC travel trips are designed to be fun and safe and should be enjoyable for all in attendance. All LGSC travel trips are completely optional.

General Rules
Team trips must have approval from the LGSC Board of Directors prior to announcement. Included in the proposal to the Board must be trip costs, schedules, lodging information, transportation information, and swimmer-to-chaperone ratio. The ratio of chaperones may vary depending on factors such as the number and ages of the athletes, the length of the trip, the mode of transportation, and any outside activities in which the team may be participating in while traveling.

Age Group Swimmers - 9 to 14 year olds, predominantly Levels 1 -3 and Senior Swimmers - 13 to 18 year olds, predominantly members of the Senior and High Performance workout groups. National Level Swimmers - Any swimmer who has achieved a Sectional or National qualifying time (individual or as part of a relay team). Swimmers who have not yet achieved these times but are traveling with the National swimmers are considered national level swimmers.

Each trip is designed with the safety of the athlete as the primary concern.

Athlete safety will never be compromised for the sake of competition.

Every participant on the LGSC trip, including coaches, chaperones and athletes, is representing themselves, but also LGSC, USA Swimming and the sport of swimming in general. They should act in a manner that will reflect positively on themselves and on the team.

All athletes, coaches and chaperones will sign a "Code of Conduct" form that will serve as a contract between the individual and the team. Athletes, coaches and chaperones are to refrain from any immoral, inappropriate, or unacceptable behavior such as, but not limited to,

Use of any drugs unless medically prescribed and declared prior to the trip

Any illegal activities

Abusive or inappropriate action towards another person

Use of tobacco products

All athletes, coaches, and chaperones are expected to attend all team functions including meetings and meals.

All athletes, coaches, and chaperones are expected to know team schedules and be on time to all locations and events.

A member of the LGSC staff will maintain a notebook with medical information and releases as well as current emergency contact information for all athletes. Said notebook will be present with the team at all times. If the team is to be in multiple locations, duplicate books will be kept.

LGSC’s Head Coach or designated head coach will have full authority over all trip participants. This individual will also handle any decisions required during the trip, as well as ensuring that the travel policy is enforced at all times during the trip.

All athletes will remain with the team at all times. No athlete will be released to any person other than a parent or legal guardian unless the LGSC (designated) head coach has obtained parent/guardian approval.

If arrangements have been made to have an athlete leave the trip the adult to whom the athlete is to be released must sign a form releasing LGSC of responsibility for said athlete.

Age Group Swimmers will not be left without coach or chaperone supervision at any time during a LGSC travel trip. Senior or National Level Swimmers will not be left alone, but may be left in groups with an operational form of communication (e.g., cell phone or 2-way radio) between the LGSC (designated) head coach and the group of swimmers.

Any athlete that is found to have violated any team rules will be subject to disciplinary action by the team and/or local authorities. An athlete may be sent home at the expense of the athlete, his/her parents, or legal guardians.

Any coach or chaperone that is found to have violated any team rules will be subject to disciplinary action. If the safety of the athletes has been found to have been compromised, the coach or chaperone may be removed from their position on the trip and face further disciplinary action from the LGSCPO Board of Directors.

LGSC athletes, chaperones and coaches must have signed a code of conduct, release and contact information forms prior to departure on the trip. These forms must be included with the final payment for the trip.

Travel Trip Notifications/Payment

Initial announcements of age group travel trips will be made at least thirty (30) days prior to the departure date of the trip and distributed to all potential trip participants. The initial packet of information will include trip cost, an incremental payment schedule, lodging information, transportation information, and chaperone-to-swimmer ratio.

Full payment will be due at least two (2) weeks prior to the trip departure. After this date all trip money is non-refundable unless the swimmer’s family finds a suitable replacement.

At least one (1) week prior to the trip, the room assignment, final schedule, pick up and drop off location information will be distributed. Also at this time, the list of chaperones, coaches, and contact information will be provided to all trip participants.

For senior and national level trips, exceptions to the above will be made to allow for "last minute" swimmer eligibility to attend the meet.

Chaperones and Coaches

Any person representing LGSC in any matter is to obey all laws and act in an appropriate manner.

Every attempt will be made to have mixed gender chaperones on LGSC travel trips that involve at least one (1) night of lodging. If this is not possible, the information will be made known to all that are eligible for the trip. If this occurs after any payment deadlines, a full refund will be offered to anyone wishing to withdraw from the trip.

LGSC Coaches can serve as chaperones; all requirements of being a chaperone will apply.

Chaperones must be twenty-one (21) years of age or older

A chaperone is responsible for the LGSC swimmers first; this may require them to miss team activities, as well as events in which their child is participating.

LGSC will attempt to pay lodging costs of team chaperones; in most cases travel costs will be the responsibility of the chaperone.

Transportation – Age Group

Age group travel trips will use professional transportation at all times. Tour buses with professional drivers are the preferred method. 

Standing Rules 13

Transportation – Senior/National Level

If LGSC staff or chaperones are acting as drivers for Senior or National Level travel trips, they must have a valid driver’s license, have proof of insurance on file with LGSC, and must meet the minimum requirements as specified by the LGSC Board of Directors for insurance liability. It is preferred vehicles be rented. All vehicles that LGSC athletes are riding in must be in good maintenance and in working order.

The transportation vehicles must be appropriate for the number of people on the trip. For automobile transportation (cars, trucks, vans), each person in the vehicle must be in a seat with an individual seat belt.

Drivers and vehicle occupants must obey all rules of the road.


Every attempt will be made to find the most cost effective and safe method of lodging. Safety is a higher priority than cost.
Each room will have two (2) or more trip participants; adequate bed space must be provided for all occupants.
When possible, non-smoking rooms will be used.

Athletes ten (10) years and younger must have a same gender chaperone staying in the room; all rooms with a chaperone must have multiple athletes staying with them.

At no time will room occupants be of mixed gender.

All telephone and other incidental room charges incurred by the athlete are the financial responsibility of the athlete and will be billed to the athlete’s parents by the team if not paid for prior to checking out.

All members of LGSC travel trips are expected to be quiet and to respect the rights of teammates and other hotel guests. Running and extensive noise will not be tolerated.

  • No athlete is allowed in a room of the opposite gender unless approved by the head coach or chaperone. If approval is given, room door must remain open at all times.
  • Rooms are expected to be kept tidy at all times; rooms can be inspected at any time, without notice, for any violation of team rules.
  • Age group travel room assignments will be set and will only be modified to allow for addressing specific concerns such as isolating an individual who may be sick. Senior and National Team travel room assignments can be modified to address such concerns as competition schedules. Parents should expect that any combination of same gender room assignments might occur.
  • Schedules, including curfew and "lights out," will be set on all trips by the Head Coach.