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Effective communication between parents, swimmers and coaches is essential to maintaining a successful team and meeting the goals and expectations of all concerned. LGSC uses a variety of methods to establish and maintain communication with parents and swimmers. The goal is to keep members up-to-date and informed on all club activities. The more active a role parents take in assuming the responsibility for keeping informed, the more successful we will be. Ask a lot questions, talk to the coaches, volunteer for committees and attend board meetings. In matters of communication, teamwork is the name of the game!

Club Website: The LGSC website powered by TeamUnify is one of the most important communication tools we have. It is important that you read it carefully for information from the coaches, upcoming events, such as meet signup declaration dates and deadlines, practice schedule changes, news about swimmer achievements, education articles, etc. Use the club website to keep your calendar updated: www.lakegenevaswimclub.com

Club Calendar: Clicking on the Schedules Icon will bring up monthly, printable calendars with upcoming events listed. Holding the cursor over the Schedules Icon will bring a drop down to click on the sessions practice schedule and the seasonal Meet Schedule. This will help your family make plans in advance to attend Club activities. The Calendar will include dates of meets; meet sign-up deadlines, social events, board meetings, fundraising activities, etc. It will be the parents responsibility to keep this calendar updated throughout the year as changes are made or events added by using the newsletter, website, team emails, etc.

E-mail List: Team Unify has a powerful emailing contact program that we use to instantly notify families of club happenings, changes to schedules, warm-up timelines etc. LGSC requires each member to have a valid email address that is checked often. This email address will be part of your log on to get into your Team Unify account. If you change your email or any of your account information, phone, cell # etc. you may go into your team unify account and change that account information at any time. You may list up to 3 email addresses for multiple family members who need to receive emails on important club happenings, however, only one primary email address can be used to log in to the Team Unify website to access protected areas such as invoicing and meet signup. Parents with shared custody of a swimmer have to decide who has primary access to the account when using the site for those needs.

MEMBER SEARCH: Our website also has a wonderful feature called member search, that allows you to find and create a roster of other families in your swimmers group for car pool/contact purposes. If you do not wish your family to be part of member search, let the office know and we can block you from phone/email contact. Be assured, member search is only available to our current registered membership who are signed into the Team Unify program – it is not available for viewing to the general public.

Communication with Coaches: Continual, open communication between coaches and parents is necessary to assure that we reach our club and swimmer goals. The coaches are available for parent and/or swimmer conferences by appointment. Use Team Unify website to contact your coach by clicking on the Coaches icon right under the LGSC banner. The period of time your child is practicing, the Head Coach and/or assistant coaches are supervising your child. They know your child's limitations and needs, so please respect the coaching staff for their knowledge and experience. The level of respect and courtesy you display towards the coaches directly influences the swimmers' behavior.

Please refrain from approaching the coaches on deck during practices. For this period of time the coaches are preoccupied with the training of your swimmers, and for the safety of every swimmer in the pool, they should not be distracted. In addition, the Club's insurance policy through USA Swimming does not permit parents on deck during practices. If you need to discuss something with the coaches, please call to make an appointment. The coaches want to address your questions; it is just impossible to do this during practices.