Practice Information

Practices are offered Monday thru Friday, some groups also have practice on Saturdays. Practices may periodically be canceled due to weather, events/activities scheduled at the middle school or other events beyond our control. We do our best to arrange alternative practice sites/times in these situations.  Schedule changes will be posted on our team web site, through social media outlets, in an email blast and on the monthly calendars for each group.


Registration for Mako Aquatics is done online through our Registration link found on our homepage. To sign up online new swimmers must have a skills evaluation or spoken with a member of the Mako Aquatics staff. Fees are paid in monthly installments via credit card or ACH only. All swimmers must pay the USA Swimming membership fee once a year (billed in October or during registration if joining Mako Aquatics after October 1st). Swimmers must register online or make other arrangements to register before participating in any Mako Aquatics events.  New swimmers with no prior competitive swim team experience must be evaluated by a member of the Mako Aquatics coaching staff before their registration is approved.

Mako Aquatics News
We have a lot of information to get to our families throughout the season. We send out periodic emails & texts (please verify your emails and phone numbers on our website) with team reminders and last minute changes as well as general information. We also regularly update our web site, Facebook and Twitter as it is our main communication tools.

Mako Aquatics Meets
We offer a number of meets for all members of Mako Aquatics. Families can sign-up for meets within the Mako Aquatics website, under the Meet/Events tab. You will be able to log in to your family account and select the meets and days you would like to attend. Once the meet deadline passes, no changes can be made to our team entry. After the meet deadline closes, those families who signed up for the meet will be charged using our billing system. A meet schedule with information and entry deadline dates can be found on the Events/Meets page of the team web site.

Service & Fundraising (may be modified due to COVID restrictions)
With the exception of our professional coaches, Mako Aquatics is a volunteer run organization.  Hence, Mako Aquatics success and effectiveness is directly reflected in the commitment of its member families.  All Mako Aquatics families are required to contribute their time and talent to support team operations and community activities.  It is our intent to host several meets each year.  These meets are fundraisers for the club to help cover the cost of operations throughout the year, including keeping our fees affordable.  They are a very important part of our annual budget.

  • We acknowledge that there will be times when families are asked to work a meet that your swimmer(s) may not be eligible or able to participate, however, all families are required to work the Mako Aquatics-hosted sanctioned meets to ensure all swimmers have a consistent and outstanding meet experience.  Mako Aquatics may also participate in additional meets during the year where families may be asked to be an on-deck timer or provide desserts/snacks.  Participation in these meets is strongly encouraged but not required and does not count towards your member obligation.
  • Each family is required to sign up and work at least two sessions per Mako Aquatics-hosted sanctioned meet.  Meets typically run morning and afternoon sessions on both Saturday and Sunday.  In the event we host a Prelim/Finals Meet or a Minnesota Championship Meet, you may be required to work one or two additional sessions.
  • Even if your swimmer is not competing in the Mako Aquatics-hosted sanctioned meet(s), you are still required to fulfill the session work requirement for the meet.
  • We need your participation at Mako Aquatics-hosted sanctioned swim meets; however if you are not able to work at a meet, it is YOUR responsibility to find an appropriate replacement to work for you.  It is your responsibility to cover your required sessions. We track service hours through our website (and your individual accounts).  Once logged in to your account you will be able to track your hours.   Any service hours that have not been met will be billed at $100/session.  Mako Aquatics will bill your family account the month following the meet if the member obligation is not met.
  • If a family cannot meet its required service obligation by finding an appropriate replacement, it is the family’s responsibility to contact the volunteer coordinator well in advance to determine if other duties can be assigned to meet the service obligation.
  • If you sign up to work a session and fail to show up to work that session, you will be billed for the missed session(s). The success of our meets is dependent on the physical presence of our volunteers, rather than the collection of the insufficient service hours fee. Mako Aquatics has a reputation within Minnesota and Western Wisconsin for being one of the top venues for hosting meets. This is due to our excellent parents and volunteers.
  • Job sign-ups will be available as soon as the meet (under the specific meet on the Events tab) is posted on our website and will close three days prior to the start of the meet to ensure we have time to fill any open positions.  Positions are filled on a first-come, first-served basis.  All Accounts that are ACTIVE 60 days prior to a hosted meet are obligated to volunteer for the designated event.  This means any member that leaves the team within 60 days of the designated meet or any new member that joins prior to the designated meet will be obligated to work the required sessions (or be subject to the insufficient service hours fee if they fail to do so).
  • In addition, Mako Aquatics may host various other fundraising campaigns for which support will be needed.  Each family is expected to participate in all of our fundraising efforts.

Apparel & Equipment

There are some requirements of equipment and apparel for our team. Each of our practice groups has different equipment required for use during practice. These items are listed here. In order to create team unity the team cap and the TYR team suit are expected to be worn at meets.   All equipment & apparel is available online through our team vendor Elsmore. All purchases made through this link earn the team a 5% credit (which Mako Aquatics uses for team purchases), in addition all TYR purchase through Elsmore result in a team credit from TYR as our team sponsor.

Parent Liaisons

The Parent Group Liaisons are a very important part of our team. They act as liaisons between the Mako Aquatics Coaches and member families. They help members learn the “ins and outs” of club swimming and communicate team information to families.


The New Parent Liaison(s) help with the following: New Parent Orientation, Group and Team Communications, Training Group Meetings, Activities, Coach liaison.