Registration Information

We have posted a number of items below regarding the upcoming year. Please read through the below information and continue to check the website for updates. 
Information is listed as follows:

·       Returning Swimmers - info for current members to register

·       New Swimmers - Evaluations and team placement

·       Transfer Swimmers - Complete the Transfer Form

·       Important Dates - group start dates, evaluation dates, etc.  

Returning Swimmers:

For swimmers who are currently swimming - YOU ARE STILL REGISTERED AND DO NOT NEED TO REGISTER AGAIN. 

For swimmers that are not currently swimming with Mako Aquatics - YOU MUST REGISTER AGAIN USING THE ONLINE REGISTRATION SYSTEM. NOTE: you may need to contact Coach Bob to reactivate your account prior to registering.  

Online registration is a step by step process and if you have any issues we would be more than happy to walk you through it. NOTE - Be sure you sign up for the correct swimming group. Swimmers must be registered and turn in required forms before they can begin practicing with the club. 

NOTE: If you have not received an email or directly discussed a group change for your swimmer with Coach Bob or Coach Jen, register them for the last group they were assigned unless they can no longer meet attendance or competition expectations for such group. If your swimmer can no longer meet the attendance or competition expectations, please contact Coach Bob or Coach Jen to discuss an alternative group placement.

New families: 

Thank you for your interest in Mako Aquatics! To familiarize yourself with our club, the first thing you should do is check out our General Team Information page. This page includes details regarding registration, practice information, meets, family commitment policies, and other general information. You will find details regarding evaluations below.

  • All swimmers who are not members of Mako Aquatics are encouraged to attend an evaluation or contact Coach Bob directly to determine if an evaluation is appropriate/necessary.
  • There is no cost for an evaluation.

Evaluation Information

Evaluations may be arranged by contacting Bob Young ([email protected]) or Jennifer Ridge ([email protected]) and will take place at Hudson Middle School 1300 Carmichael Rd. Hudson, WI 54016

12 and UNDER Swimmers

Swimmers 12 and Under must be able to swim 25 yards of freestyle with rotary breathing and 25 yards of backstroke to be considered for the team. We will take a look at the swimmers ability to swim breaststroke and butterfly, but it is not required.

13 and Over Swimmers

Swimmers 13 and over must be able to swim 100 yards of freestyle with rotary breathing, 50 yards of both backstroke and breaststroke (in a substantially legal manner) and 25 yards of butterfly (in a substantially legal manner) to be considered for the team.

Swimmers should bring suit, cap (if hair covers eyes when wet), goggles and a towel.


  • If you have any questions regarding evaluations contact Head Coach/CEO Bob Young  [email protected].

Billing is done monthly and operates on a continuous registration process (you will not have to register again unless you suspend training as indicated below) be billed September -July (no training fee billing August 1st) except for HS swimmers (see below). At registration there will be a non-refundable $50/swimmer admin fee to secure your spot with Mako Aquatics. The MSI/USA Swimming registration fee will be billed October 1st or the first month you join Mako Aquatics.

HS swimmers billing will be suspended for the months of the HS season. For periods other than the HS swim season, swimmers can suspend their training (and corresponding fees) for up to 2 months but you are otherwise committed to the season (September - February and March - July) and will be billed the balance due upon withdrawal from the team.


If a swimmer would like to suspend their training for more than 2 months (i.e. take the long course season off) they must register again and pay the $50 admin fee to rejoin and will be billed the balance to the season training fees as indicated above.                                       

Additionally, payment options are ACH or CC or Debit Card only. Training fees will be billed monthly along with meet fees and any other misc fees (caps, banquet, etc). We do pass through the transaction fees (ACH is the lowest cost option).

*Finanical Policies are subject to change annually (at the start of the fiscal year) or on 60 days notice

FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: Mako Aquatics wants to ensure that all swimmers that are eligible to join Mako Aquatics can do so regardless of family financial circumstances which is why we have established a scholarship program to help reduce the financial impact to families in need. If a family is interested in applying for a scholarship please contact Head Coach/CEO Bob Young or Treasurer Jennifer Ridge to begin the confidential process.

Mako Aquatics Training Fees: The fees listed below are the fiscal 2020-2021 fees and have been established taking into consideration scheduled days off due to conflicts (i.e. High School Meets), a brief break between the short course and long course season and potential changes due to weather or other school district determined shutdowns (based on historical data) as well as additional dryland options offered within the program. While we do our best to avoid canceling practices it will happen and thank you in advance for your understanding. We will again be offering a multi-swimmer discount to families who have 2 or more members on the team. 

NOTE: These are group training fees only and do not include, required equipment, the service/fundraising commitments for each Mako Aquatics family or meet entry fees. For complete details on our service/fundraising commitments, refer to the Handbook. 


Group Name

2020-21 Training Monthly Fee*

Competitive Track (Ages 6&Up)

Senior Elite




Junior Elite








Intro/Competitive Prep (Ages 5-12)



*Flex/Fitness Track (Ages 5&Up)



Masters (Ages 18&O)



*subject to change with 60 days notice

Payment Policies:

  1. REGISTRATION: When you register, you will pay the non-refundable $50/swimmer admin fee. 
  2. MSI/USA SWIMMING REGISTRATION FEE: Your account will be billed October 1 or the first month following your registration for the annual fee.
  3. MONTHLY: Your account must be set up in the billing system (separate from the Registration System) for Credit Cards or ACH. Monthly billing will begin September 1 for all registered by August 31, 2020. If you register September 1st or later you will be manually billed for that month and commence auto-billing the 1st of the following month (i.e. register September 2nd manually billed for September and then October 1 billing starts). 
  4. HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS: Girls swimming for their HS teams should be registered prior to the end of the HS season to guarantee a spot in their training group (monthly billing will begin on November 1 or December 1 depending on the end of the HS season).
  5. HIGH SCHOOL BOYS: Boys swimming for their HS teams will have the following months suspended for training fees billing: December, January and February depending on the dend of the HS season.

NOTIFICATIONS: Swimmers leaving the team or suspending their training (other than HS swimmers) must notify Head Coach/CEO Bob Young via email. Fees due or refunds will be handled in accordance with the Mako Aquatics Financial Obligation Policy.

  1. TRANSFERS: If transferring from another USA Swimming registered club you will need to select the Transfer registration fee during the registration process and complete the Transfer Form and send into MSI (Mako Aquatics will be invoiced for the transfer fee so you only need to send in the form).
  2. MEET FEES AND OTHER CHARGESMeet fees and other charges (i.e. equipment, banquet, outings, volunteer/fundraising fees, etc.) will be billed as they occur and invoiced monthly. It is your responsibility to log in to your account on a regular basis to view and ensure your invoices are paid.