Wisconsin Swimming
Level 2
 Howard Suamico  Storm Breakers
  Equipment and Apparel


Team Suits   

New team suits will be available soon. These new team suits are mandatory as it is part of our team uniform. There will be multiple options for girls styles. For boys, there will be a jammer and a brief option.

To Order:​ Visit our team store to check out all the styles and options. Ordering is done dorectly through this team store and orders ship directly to each family individually.



If swimmers would like, they may purchase their own fins to use at practice.

One common option is a short blade training fin such as the Speedo Short Blade Training Swim Fins. You can purchase a pair directly from our team affiliate account on SwimOutlet (product code 42699).

Kids' shoe sizes

Since it can be difficult to find short blade fins for small foot sizes, an alternative such as the TYR Flex Swim Fins are acceptable as well. You can purchase a pair directly from our team affiliate account on SwimOutlet (product code 3471).


Caps and Goggles   

HSSB caps must be worn by our swimmers at meets. There are several options listed below.

Standard Caps: HSSB has a supply of team caps, goggles and bungee straps available year-round. The HSSB logo caps that you buy directly from HSSB will not have your swimmer's name on them, but are acceptable for swim meets.

Custom Caps: Orders for custom silicone team caps with swimmers' names are taken once per year in the fall. The new caps are mandatory for swim meets.

Goggles: SwimOutlet has a selection of goggles. Also, since HSSB buys goggles and bungee straps in bulk, pricing can be competitive or better than ordering online. For outdoor summer swim meets, think about purchasing mirrored or tinted goggles as well.

Contact Patty Graul with any questions or to purchase caps/goggles/straps.


Team Apparel   

HSSB will periodically offer many unique team apparel items (2-3 times per year). Apparel purchases are optional and will be announced as they occur.

A limited selection of HSSB apparel is available on SwimOutlet at any time.

Contact [email protected] with any questions about apparel


Team Backpacks   

For those interested, optional team backpacks can be ordered at anytime on SwimOutlet. You can add your swimmer's name to the backpack for a few extra dollars.


Other Equipment 

HSSB will provide most training equipment to our swimmers (pull buoys, kickboards, hand paddles). Please be sure to purchase your own goggles and fins. Silver/Gold level swimmers will also be required to purchase a snorkel (see coaches for details on the snorkels).

If you need other swimming related equipment, be sure to remember our SwimOutlet affiliate program.  It is very simple and easy, simply go to www.swimoutlet.com/hssb.  When you purchase items through this site, 8% of all proceeds will be donated back to HSSB. 

On SwimOutlet, you will see a header at the top of the screen like the picture below. When you see this header, you will know that most purchases on the site will be eligible for fundraising for HSSB at no extra cost to you.