Wisconsin Swimming
Level 2
 Howard Suamico  Storm Breakers
  Ongoing Fundraisers


HSSB offers a variety of fundraisers. Event-based fundraisers can be found on the team calendar and in the news feed. Everyday fundraisers can be found below. Be sure to have family and friends take advantage of these opportunities as well!

Purchasing Shell gift cards through HSSB is an easy way to earn 5% for your HSSB account, and 5% for the team for items you would buy every month anyway – gas, groceries, beer, etc.

Here's how it works:  You buy a $100 Grand central Station/Shell gift card from HSSB.  HSSB will bill your account. In return, $5 goes into your HSSB Account to offset your session fees, and $5 goes to the team.  That's free money!

Contact Joe Lannoye with any questions or to arrange an order at [email protected]

The swim team has a fundraising program through SwimOutlet.  It is very simple and easy, simply go to www.swimoutlet.com/hssb.  When you purchase through this site, 8% of all proceeds will be donated back to HSSB. 

When at the web site, you will see at the top of the page a notification header that state “Howard Suamico Storm Breakers" when you see this you will know that you are helping out the swim team.


The AmazonSmile program allows shoppers to easily donate to their favorite nonprofit organization.  It is very simple.  If you currently shop on amazon.com, just use this link instead:


It works exactly like amazon.com, but HSSB receives .5% of all sales by using the link from the AmazonSmile program.  Please pass this along to all your family and friends!!!!