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 USA Swimming Motivational Time Standards

USA Swimming publishes national age group motivational time standards. You will notice that there are Long Course Meters (LCM), Short Course Meters (SCM), and Short Course Yards (SCY) times listed on different pages.

The levels outlined in these time standards correspond roughly to the qualification times that a swimmer must achieve to be entered in certain competitive meets:

These standards can also be used to create intermediate goals for swimmers to achieve. Always view the meet information for the specific qualifying times.

2021-2024 Motivational Time Standards

Arena Mid-Season Showdown

The Arena Mid-Season Showdown is a competitive meet held in December in Waukesha, WI.  Many top teams from Wisconsin, Illinois, and Minnesota participate.

The qualifying times (approximately BB) are bit slower than the State Meet qualifying times (approximately A), so this meet is a great intermediate goal.

This year there are no time standards for Arena.

 Wisconsin State Championships

Wisconsin Swimming has four state championship meets annually:

  • 12 & Under Single-Age State Championships (held in December)
  • Short-course championships (held in February/March)
  • Long-course championships (held in July/August)
  • Open water championships (held in June/July). Usually requires a "BB" time or better in a distance freestyle event.

Swimmers may typically qualify for the state championships based on their short course or long course times, as long as the appropriate standard is met.

All State Meets Time Standards

 Schroeder A+

The Schroeder A+ Swim Meet is the region's most competitive swim meet of the winter with a field of 1100 athletes representing 65 teams.  Held annually at the Walter Schroeder Aquatic Center, it is the largest swim meet in the state of Wisconsin and attracts teams, athletes and their families from across Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, and Nebraska and typically features a professional swimmer sponsored by Speedo.

The required time standards vary by age group. This meet also has special qualification times for 8 and under swimmers. Check this year's meet information for the time standards.


 Central Zones

The USA Swimming Central Zones Meets are:

  • Long-course Zones: End of the summer, after WI State Meets (August). Requires roughly a "AAA" time or better. Swimmers 14 & under only.
  • Open water Zones: June. Usually requires an "A" time or better in a distance freestyle event. All ages.

HSSB Swimmers that qualify for Central Zones meets will represent the Team Wisconsin at the meet instead of HSSB.  There are teams from across the central United States represented at the meet.


 Mid-States All Star Meet

This meet consists of selected all-stars from Wisconsin, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, and Ohio. Each state may only send up to 4 swimmers per individual event.

USA Swimming AA times in an event are needed to apply. Qualifying times usually must be achieved from September through mid-December. Wisconsin Swimming makes the final selections for individual events and relays.


 Central Zone Speedo Champions Series Meet (Sectionals)

The Central Zone Speedo Champions Series Meet takes place at the end of the Winter Session after the WI State Meets (March).

There are no age-group qualifying times.  This is essentially an Senior/Open event in which teams from across the Central Zone of the United States participate (IA, IL, MN, ND, SD, WI).


 National Meets

USA Swimming publishes standards for various competitive national meets. Standards for these meets, up to the U.S. Olympic Trials, can be found at the link below.

USA Swimming Standards for National Meets