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Swim Meet Sign-Up Instructions

Please see below for instructions on how swim meets will be opened up for sign-up, and how to register for them.

What meets are available and when can you register?

1. The meet schedule is published on the HSSB website. Upcoming meets will appear on the bottom of our website's homepage. Please monitor the website for occasional changes in our meet schedule.

2. Once the swim team hosting a meet sends HSSB the information we need to allow registrations, an announcement will be sent out to the team and the meet will open for registration. When that occurs, you will also see an "Attend/Decline" or "Edit Commitment" button by the meet name.

How do you know what meets are right for your swimmer?

1. Please look at the posted information and documents for each meet. Some meets may require a specific qualification time to be achieved in order to be eligible. Check with your coaches if you are unsure about whether your swimmer has a qualifying swim time. Our website also has information on meets that have qualification requirements.

2. Pay attention to the date and session (morning and afternoon) of the events that you are choosing. Most people sign up for events that are in the same session each day to avoid from being at the meet all day. You do not need to attend all sessions or all days of the meet.

3. Check the events being offered at the meet. Usually, meets will have shorter distance and age-group events (e.g, 8 and under 25-yard freestyle) that are good for newer swimmers. Also, any swimmer can register for events in the “Open” age group, though be aware that there may be older swimmers in the event.

How do you register for a meet?

1. To register for the meet, click the "Attend/Decline" button

2. Log in if prompted

3. Select your swimmer's name on the bottom left of the screen

4. Select "Yes" under the Declaration field.

5. Select the events that your swimmer will compete in.

6. Remember to select "Save Changes" at the bottom of the screen when finished. 

What Happens Next?

1. Verify Entries: The day after entries are due, you will receive an e-mail asking you to verify the events that you selected.

2. Relay Selection: Afterwards, the relay teams will be selected by the coaches. The coaches will use our software to select the relays based on the best times of those swimmers attending that specific session.  We will create as many relays as we can. Some new swimmers may not qualify at first for a relay since they don't have any previous times to consider, or there may be an odd number of swimmers resulting in some that will not swim a relay.

3. Fees: Fees for the meet will be calculated and billed to you automatically. As a reminder, fees are charged on the first of the month. You do not have to send in any information to the host team - HSSB will take care of sending the entry file, disclaimers and payment as a team.

4. Heat Sheets: Heat sheets will be provided a couple of days before the meet. Heat sheets will show you what event, heat and lane your swimmer will be in so they know where to go and when to swim. See this guide for how to read a heat sheet and this guide for how to mark your swimmer's events on their arm for the meet.

5: Cancellations: Contact your coaches if you end up being unable to attend the meet so they do not look for your swimmer and can find relay substitutes. Unfortunately, the hosting swim clubs typically do not return entry fees when a swimmer cancels or falls ill. 


Please contact Coach Connor with any questions about your registration. Our software vendor, TeamUnify, also has a help guide (link).