Friday, October 16th
6pm-7:30pm   (CST)

Do you love wine?  We have a great fundraiser, just for you!

The J-Hawks are partnering with Zo Wines to offer you a wine tasting class.

Zo Wines is a California winery, whose owner, David Eckert, is from Whitewater, Wisconsin.  David has done an outstanding job producing award winning flavors and will be our guide through this tasting.

We are very excited to offer this fun and unique event.  Invite your friends and family and discuss which wines are your favorites!

Registration closes October 2nd.

How does it work?
* Participants must be a minimum of 21 years old.
* You will pay for and receive 6 sample bottles of Zo wines.
          The kit is 6 x 50ml sample bottles of Zo wine, along with an aroma wheel to assist in sensory evaluation and an assessment grid to take notes.
* David Eckert will email you the link for our party time.  Click the link to join us.
* David Eckert will discuss each type and allow us to answer questions, as well.
     We will send you the Zo wines website, as well, so you can order your favorites.

Event Cost & Wine Delivery
$50 = Our organizers will deliver to your doorstep
          You must live within 30 miles of Whitewater, WI or Randolph, WI.  Only given to 21 yrs+ age adults.
$75 = Ship directly to your home