Coach Zimdars

Our 12&Unders did an outstanding job racing this weekend, dropping lots of times in almost every event swum.  Ella Schultz had the highest finish placing 16th in her 1000 free and earning her first state ribbon.  She went out in her best time (dropping 8 seconds, going out in a 6:02.90 and coming back in a 6:04.1).

On Friday night, Makayla led the races off by dropping 6 seconds in her 200 fly and going out in her best time (this was after her goggles broke at the block and she had to rush to get a new set - she was in heat 1.  Makayla dropped it more yesterday).  Roberto made his yard cut in his 50 free.  Ella swam her 200 breast and went out in her best 100 breast (before breaking that time today).  They set the tone for the weekend.

On Saturday, the girls 200 free relay dropped over 3 seconds with all the girls having great splits.  Makayla swam a best time in her 100 fly, while Roberto and Ella both did bests in their 50 breaststroke.  Next up was the 400 medley relay, where Kelaney started off by dropping over 6 seconds in her 100 back with a 1:18.40.  Everyone swam amazing and together they dropped 14 seconds off their seed time.

Today, they all continued their fast swimming as the girls dropped 3 seconds off their medley relay, with Cora starting out in a best 50 back time.  Next up was the 100 breast where Ella and Roberto both did best times.  The 50 fly gave us another best time from Roberto.  The girls ended the meet by dropping 6 seconds off their 400 free relay time.  Starting that relay was Ella, who dropped 4 seconds off her best.

Great job everyone!  It was lots of fun watching you race and I'm very proud of all of you.

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