1. Enjoy what the sport offers your child -- friendship, fun, and fitness.  As they progress and want more, they they also learn goal setting and self-discipline.  As parents, you will also make friends that will be a part of your lives for a long time.

2.  Please address any questions, to coaches, before or after practice.  If it will take longer than 15 minutes, please schedule a private meeting.  We'd like the coaches available to the swimmers during the practice time.  

3. If you would like to watch practice, please do so from the balcony.  Talk about more than just swimming.  It's nice to get to know each other's interests.

4. Your only job is to love, support and transport your children unconditionally. Please let the trained J-Hawk Coaching Staff coach your children. 

5. Have fun and get involved. Believe it or not, there is ALWAYS something parents can do for the club. If you would like to help with anything, check with a J-Hawk Booster Club board member or speak with a coach.

6. Be patient. It takes years to develop all 4 strokes, starts, relay exchanges, breakouts, turns and finishes. EVERYONE learns at different levels and times. NEVER compare your swimmer with any other swimmer.

7. When dropping your children off at practice, double check that a coach is on deck prior to departing.  12&Under swimmers are not allowed in Williams Center, without supervision.  Do not just drop them off & drive away.

8. Pay attention to the parking meters at UW-Whitewater.  There is metered parking available for $.25/30 minutes.  You must pay the meters Monday through Thursday evenings and Friday mornings.  After 12pm, Friday, it’s free.

9.  Team Travel:  These are great teaching moments.  Swimmers learn to make decisions regarding proper rest, meals, and racing.  The kids travel and room together (gender-separated).  If a swimmer is the only gender attending or qualified, they will room by themselves or with their parents.  They CANNOT room with a coach.  Take advantage of these opportunities as they create a lifetime of memories, for your athlete.  Coach Cheri will make all arrangements, with expenses charged to family accounts.  There are travel funds available, for national meets only.