All returning families have a fundraising requirement, to help offset the costs of running the club.

There are many ways of earning your profit, without having to pay out-of-pocket.

The following are some of the fundraisers that J-Hawks offers and the percentage each family earns towards their fundraising credit:

This is incredibly easy!!  You just shop at the regular places that your family uses, for groceries, gas, restaurants, and miscellaneous expenses and you'll reach your balance.  Now, instead of shopping with a debit or credit card, you shop with gift cards!

Scrip orders go in every 2 weeks.  What seems like a small amount earned at each store, adds up very fast throughout the year.

Example:  Coach Cheri shops at Kwik Trip, Bp, Wal-Mart, and Woodman's.  So, she orders the following:
$200 Bp -- earns $3
$100 Kwik Trip - earns $9
$200 Wal-Mart - earns $4
$200 Woodmans - earns $10
Total profit = $26  (for 1 order)

So, Coach Cheri orders every 2 weeks for 8 months - sometimes it's more and sometimes it's less.  So, by May, Coach Cheri has already earned $208 - just going to the places her family needs products from.  NO SALES!! 

There is a huge list of national & local merchants, to choose from.  Our team uses and our coordinator is Coach Cheri.  She can answer any of your questions.  Before you start, make sure to get a password, from her.

link:  Shopwithscrip is an on-line swim supply store.  They have great prices and deals on any equipment you need.

The J-Hawk Aquatic Club has an account that allows J-hawk families to earn 8% of their purchases, which can be applied to their fundraising requirements.  Just click on the link below and it will take you to our team's account.  If you don't use the link, please type in (you need to have the JHawks at the end to get the 8% credit)

team link: SwimOutlet


Wreath Sales
The J-Hawks sell high quality wreaths at a very reasonable price.  The sale starts in September and forms are due by November 1st.

Our wreath sale coordinator is Kim Krebs.  Kim does a great job and will answer any of your questions.

Information will be distributed at practice.  When it becomes available, order forms will be posted here.


Swim Meet Ads
We offer 3 meets a year, so families have an opportunity to sell heat sheet ads.  This nice thing about ads is that all of the money earned counts toward your fundraising requirement.

Ad Prices and Sizes: 
     Event Sponsor:          = $10
     Business Card size    = $15
     1/4 page ad                = $25
     1/2 page ad                = $50
     Full page ad               = $95

Ad proofs must be received by the following dates (give to Kelley Dammen):  
     Fall Starter Meet:  Monday, October 22nd
     J-Hawk Winter Thaw:  Monday, December 31st
     8&Under All-Star Meet:  Monday, February 4th


Website Sponsors:
Click on the SPONSOR button (advertise here) on the lower left panel and see how businesses can display ads and coupons on our website.  If you get a business to advertise with us, you'll get credit for that sale.

The business must list you as their salesperson.