Shop at any of the sites/stores below and J-Hawk will receive a percentage of your sales.

Shop at AMAZON (click here)
     Just about all Amazon products are available on team donation pages (called AMAZONSMILE)
     Send Coach Cheri a copy of your receipt so you get fundraising credit.

RaiseRight Gift Card Program (click here)
     Use your computer or mobile device to buy ecards at hundreds of stores/retailers acround the country.    
     New to this program?  Use our enrollment code:  A21LC7E125672

           * Order plastic cards through Coach Cheri click here to email.  Cards arrive within 3 days of order date.
           * Order ecards by connecting your checking account to your scrip account.  Order on the spot and have in a moments notice.
                 --- Use the RaiseRight app for instant ecards.

Need Swim Supplies or Suits?

Shop at SwimOutlet (click here)

A3 - Our Team Suit Supplier (click here)
Great quality suits!  All swimmers must compete in our team suits.  
Our team suit is the blue starbyrst.  A3 prices the suits at a discount. 
This is not part of our fundraising.