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Shop at AMAZON (click here)
     Just about all Amazon products are available on team donation pages (called AMAZONSMILE)

Shop at Shopwithscrip (click here)
     Use your computer or mobile device to buy ecards at hundreds of stores/retailers acround the country.    
     New to this program?  Use our enrollment code:  A21LC7E125672

           * Order plastic cards through Coach Cheri click here to email.  Cards arrive within 3 days of order date.
           * Order ecards by connecting your checking account to your scrip account.  Order on the spot and have in a moments notice.
                 --- Use the RaiseRight app for instant ecards.

Need Swim Supplies or Suits?

Shop at SwimOutlet (click here)

A3 - Our Team Suit Supplier (click here) - Great quality suits!  All swimmers must compete in our team suits.