Swimmer Age:  13&Over (typically)*     
           * Very advanced 12&Unders have been moved into this group
Ability Level:     Advanced Swimmers

Spring/Summer Locations:  
     Whitewater Aquatic Center (WAC)
UW-Whitewater (UWW)
     Edgerton HS (M/W/F, once school gets out)
     Rockport Pool, Janesville (when school is out)

From the Junior Team, athletes move into the Senior Transition Group.  The Senior Transition group will start to train longer and include more dryland training.  Their focus is to improve their technique and race strategies as they get ready for the senior team.

Older and more advanced swimmers may join the Senior Team immediately.  Coach Cheri will discuss with the family.  These athletes are focusing on building endurance & speed, while maintaining strong stroke technique.  They are committed to training for and competing at the State Championships and Speedo Championships. 

No Required Meets

USA Registration is required.


Large Family Discount Fee:  Pay full monthly fees on 2 swimmers, then 1/2 the monthly fees on all others  The reduced fee is applied to the lowest level swimmer(s).

Scholarships:  Please talk to Cheri about any financial needs.  No child is ever turned away due to lack of funds.


Practice Requirements:
If you are trying to achieve upper level meets, then you should be doing everything you can, to make that happen (dryland, water, healthy eating habits, and proper rest).  That means doing MORE THAN THE MINIMUM required.

Want to Compete at State?
13-14 yr olds:      must attend 4 practices a week (plus 2 dryland)
15&Over:             must attend 5 practices a week (plus 3 dryland)

UW-Whitewater (UWW):  
TU/TH           Dryland:  4:15pm       Water:  5-7pm      (March 30th - May 17th)
Starting June 8th
M and F  morning        Dryland:  weights at WAC at 8am, water 9-11am

M thru F        4:45pm - 7pm

Whitewater Aquatic Center (WAC):
3:45pm - 6pm or 5:45pm-7:30pm     (March 30th - May 17th)
M thru F        3:45pm - 6pm or 5:45pm-7:30pm     (May 18th - June 5th)

Edgerton High School
TU/TH       5:15am-6:45am

Rockport Pool, Janesville  (Starts June 8th)
TU-W-TH   7:15am dryland, 8-10am water

Morning Workout Days/Times (While school is in session)
TU -TH     5:15am - 6:45am     Milton HS


Monthly Fee:  $85

Other Spring/Summer Fees:  
     $80 WAC Fitness Membership (not needed if you are a already member of the Whitewater Aquatic Center)
     $75 Fundraising Profit Earned or do a Buyout
          --- this amount can easily be earned through our scrip program - shop at the stores/businesses your regularly use
                (you can also earn profits through our annual wreath sale or heat sheet/website advertising)

Meet Fees:  

Annual USA membership fee = $72   (good until 12/31/20)
FREE/REDUCED lunch program swimmer annual fee = $5 

Families also pay entry fees + coaching fees