We are always looking for volunteers to help work our events.

All of our events are fundraisers to help fund our scholarship program and offset the costs of running our youth swim lessons and youth swim team.  Our scholarship fund helps low income families participate in our lessons and swim team.  No child is ever turned away due to financial struggles.

If you are a student, your time can also be credited towards graduation requirements, as we are a not-for-profit, 501c3 charitable organization.

Volunteers receive lunch after the adult race (pizza).

What will you do (possible jobs)?
* Directional volunteer on the bike route (country roads past Williams Center).
* Directional volunteer on the run route (nature preserve and cross country trails).
* Keep the transition area clear and guide current racers.
* All volunteers cheer on and encourage the athletes as they come by.

Volunteer Times:
Adult race (need the most volunteers here):  8:30am-2pm
Child race (starts after the adult race is completed):  2:30pm-4:30pm

A sign-in table will be at the exit pool door (faces the football stadium).

*Watch the weather and be prepared for cold or warm weather.
*Bring snacks.
*You may want to bring a chair or a mat to sit on (depending upon where your located on the course)
*Cell phone usage - please stay off your phones unless you have a race question or an athlete needs help.  Your focus needs to be on the athletes.  For safety reasons, it is important that you're watching out for them.

Want to Volunteer?
Please contact Event Director, Cheri Zimdars, at [email protected]  
You can text her at 608-449-5150 (you can also call, but the phone is always on silent).