Payment of Team Dues (Above):

All team dues and registration fees will be paid through your RecPlex membership account, each season you will be required to fill out a billing authorization form.  Payments will auto withdrawal on the 2nd Friday of each month via credit card or checking account.  By enrolling in a session, you are responsible for that entire sessions fees regardless of participation or lack thereof. 

Meet Entries, Travel, Etc.:

Fees beyond monthly team dues and registration fees (equipment fees, meet entries, travel fees, etc.) will be added to your bill each month.

No payments are to be given to the coaches or aquatics staff.

Please send any updated EFT form in one of the three options below. Please see the payment agreement below. 

Email: [email protected]

USPS: Attn: RecPlex Billing Department 9900 Terwall Terrace, Pleasant Prairie, WI 53158

Front Guest Services Desk at the RecPlex: Attn: RecPlex Billing Department in a sealed envelope at the guest services desk.



I understand fees outside of the standard monthly team fees will be charged from the last billing cycle through the 15th of the billing month.  I understand that my bank statement will typically show the amount and the date payment was made to the RecPlex.  I understand that I am responsible for ensuring that the account designated above has sufficient funds on my automatic payment date and up to 5 business day after that date, to allow for the automatic deduction of my payment.  I understand that it is my responsibility to ensure the account information is correct on the EFT document and it is my responsibility to fill out a new form if I change financial institutions.  This authority is to remain in effect and regular automatic deductions shall continue until an Automatic Payment Cancellation Request is submitted. There is a 19-day cancellation requirement. The cancellation must be written. Do not tell the coach on deck or email the aquatics department. There will be no refund given if a swimmer drops out before the end of the billing cycle. Accounts can be put on hold for long term medical reasons or if a swimmer is required to stop club swimming due to high school participation rules. The cancellation or hold request should be emailed to [email protected] or mailed to RecPlex-Attn: RecPlex Billing Department 9900 Terwall Terrace, Pleasant Prairie, WI 53158. The cancellation or a hold request will be considered received when a confirmation email is sent. I understand that I will receive written notice in advance of any change in the date of my automatic deduction or any change in the amount due and I understand that the RecPlex will cancel my participation in this plan if they are unable to collect any payment due.  Furthermore, I understand I am liable for any uncollected payment and for any fees or penalties imposed by the RecPlex or my financial institution related to any uncollected payment. If adding a new family member to the team, a new EFT billing form must be submitted. Any returned payments are subject to additional fees.


*Any changes to your TeamUnify account (i.e. address, name, etc.) can be made by logging into your account.