PX3 Team Fees and Billing for Short Course 2022-2023

Team Fees:

Short Course 2022-2023 (September-February)

Monthly Installment* 

Full Season (Six Months) *
















*All fees are based on the swimmer being a RecPlex member. If the swimmer is not a RecPlex member, there is a $20.83 (User 250) fee per swimmer per month.

Fees may be paid in full at registration or, for members' convenience, paid in monthly installments

Training fees are set for the season and are not set by the month. Your fee is for the group level of your swimmer. The time a swimmer spends in the water does not affect the season training fee. Practice schedule subject to change, without a change in fees. There are no refunds for training fees.

The short course season is September 6, 2022-February 19, 2023. The post season is anything after February 19, 2023.

If paying in full for the full season, there is a $20 discount applied to your billing.

If the swimmer is not a RecPlex member the $20.83 (User 250) fee will be charged in full for $124.98 (six months).

Sibling Discount:

  • 1st swimmer: full
  • 2nd swimmer: $10.00 off per month
  • 3rd swimmer: $15.00 off per month
  • 4th swimmer: $20.00 off per month

All team fees are subject to change at any time without notice.

Registration Fees:

Each swimmer will be charged a PX3 registration fee one time per year (covers September-August). 

The PX3 registration fee for the September 2022-August 2023 is $100. This fee covers the t-shirts for both short course and long course, one team swim cap per season and the electronic administrative fees. The registration fee will be charged on the first month of team membership during the 2022-2023 short course season. Registration fees are non-refundable.

If joining in April 2023 or after (2023 long course season) the PX3 registration fee is $50.00. This fee covers the t-shirt for long course, one team swim cap, and the electronic administrative fees. The registration fee will be charged the first month of team membership during the 2023 long course season (if not previously charged during the 2022-2023 short course season). Registration fees are non-refundable.

Other Fees:

  • 2023 USA Swimming Registration Fee (REQUIRED): $82 ($68 to USA Swimming, $14 to WI Swimming)
    • New for the 2022-2023 short course season: Registration fees are paid by the participant-more information coming soon
  • Athlete transfer fee (if transferring to PX3 from another team): $30 (PX3 will send the information to WI Swimming, the transfer fee will be on the first monthly billing)
  • Swim meet coaching fee: $20 per athlete, per meet attended (PX3 will bill this with your monthly meet and practice fees)-NEW FOR 2022-2023 SEASON.
  • Swim meet late registration fee: $50 per family per meet

Payment of Team Dues and Fees:

All team dues and registration fees will be paid through your RecPlex membership account, each season you will be required to fill out a billing authorization form. Payments will auto withdrawal on the 2nd Friday of each month via credit card or checking account.  By enrolling in a session, you are responsible for that entire sessions fees regardless of participation or lack thereof. 

Meet Entries, Travel, Etc.:

Fees beyond monthly team dues and registration fees (equipment fees, meet entries, travel fees, etc.) will be added to your bill each month.

No payments or EFT forms are to be given to the coaches or aquatics staff.

For billing and cancellation policies, please see the EFT form:

EFT form   EFT forms are to be returned to RecPlex Billing ([email protected]

Cancellation Policy

There is a cancellation request requirement. The cancellation must be emailed to [email protected] and [email protected]  Do not tell the coach or email the aquatics department. There will be no refund given if a swimmer drops out before the end of the billing cycle. Accounts can be put on hold for long term medical reasons (documentation may be requested) or if a swimmer is required to stop club swimming due to high school sports.

Should a swimmer decide to leave the Pleasant Prairie Swim Team, the Team Administrator and Billing Department must be notified in writing [email protected] and [email protected]. Cancellations must be submitted by the 19th of the month prior. Cancellations will result in the following payments to be made in order to successfully cancel:

October 19th=25% of the remaining monthly fees owed November 19th=50% of the remaining monthly fees owed December 19th=75% of the remaining monthly fees owed January 19th=100% of remaining monthly fees owed February 19th=100% of remaining monthly fees owed

If a swimmer leaves the team during season or for a season, they will need to go through the official evaluation process if they wish to return to the team. There is no guarantee a spot will be available, and spots are not saved for swimmers wishing to take a break.