2019 Frostbite Highlights

Jeanine Serrano
Jan 9, 2019

What a great meet our 2019 Frostbite Invite was this year!!  

Thanks to all the wonderful Wave Swimmers, Parent volunteers and my coaches for making this event extra special in so many ways!!!

When I took a deep dive into some of the numbers that highlight this meet, I was actually amazed how truly special this meet is for our team and wanted to share some of these numbers with our team families:

7 teams (including WAVE)

319 swimmers from competed at the Meet

141 WAVE swimmers competed

Over 360 individual best times from WAVE Swimmers

Over 130 new “legal times” from WAVE Swimmers (You could add those to the Best times above if you like!)

The Frostbite is the team’s largest fundraiser of the year and brought in $18,000 to our Wave Budget. (Yes, that’s an amazing number!!!)

From a coaching stand point here are some of my favorite numbers.   This is just a sample of some GIANT Time Drops in races from our swimmers there were many more:

Sophie Baggett- First ever 200 Fly and barely missed Y state cut (Senior Swimmer)

Robert Bruns -22 sec Drop 100 Breast

Ellie Falkenberry -16.21 sec Drop 50 Breast

Lewis Go- 20.8 sec Drop200 FR (Awesome job playing the National anthem on his flute as well at 2 different sessions!)

Abbie Frost- 7 Best times including 6.1 sec Drop in 100 im (Awesome job singing the National anthem at 8 years old!!)

Brianna Grilley- 7 Best times including 19.6 sec Drop in 200 IM & 15.2 sec Drop in 200 FR

Bethany Hale - 9 BestTimes

Lydia Hale - 6 Best Times

Ruthie Hale - 7 Best Times

Ben Hsieh- 5 Best Times

Camille Johnson- 5 Best times 

Aurora Kabat- 5 Best Times including 5sec Drop in 50 Fly

Juniper Kabat- 5 Best Times

McKinley Kabat- 6 Best Times including 10.8 sec Drop in 100 Free & 8.3 sec Drop 100 Breast

Ryan Klar- 5 Best Times

Brianna Knapp 5 Best Times including 11 sec Drop in 50 Fly

Lauren Lansing- 3.78 sec Drop 500 Free (Senior Swimmer)

Max Lemke - 4 Best Times

Micah Lemke- 5 Best Times

Clayton Lowman- 9 Best Times including 10 sec Drop in 200 IM

Libby Morey- 9 Best Times including 4 sec Drop in 100 Back

Alexa Myre- 7 Best Times including 7 sec Drop 100 Back

Elise Myre- 9 Best Times including 5.3 sec Drop in 25 Fly

Chiadi Nduka - 7.8 sec Drop 25 Back

Amber Nguyen- 3 Best Times including 2.3 sec Drop 200 Breast (Senior Swimmer)

Natalie Peterson- 7 Best Times including 5 sec Drop in 200 Free

Shefalie Ramakrishnan- 10 Best Times including 16.99 sec Drop in 500 Free

Warrick Ranis- 6 Best Times including 19.95 sec Drop in 200 Free

Elle Regan- 5 Best Times

Harrison Regan- 8 Best Times

Seth Russell- 11.5 sec Drop in 100 Back

Finley Schams- 5 Best Times including 8.7 sec Drop in 50 Free

Carson Schilling- 13.78 Sec Drop in 50 Back

Chase Schilling- 36.5 sec Drop in 100 Fly (I think you should swim Fly more often!)

Will Schilling- 6 BestTimes

Grace Schockman 7 Best Times including 20 sec Drop in 100 Free & 29 sec Drop in 100 IM

Larissa Schockman- 5 Best Times

Ava Scholl- 12.8 sec Drop 200 Free 

Anna Schwaab- 8.3 sec Drop 50 Free

Elizabeth Schwan- 13.10 sec Drop 50 Free

Addison Shelton- 6 Best Times including 8.45 sec Drop in 25 Breast & 4.27 sec Drop in 25 Fly

Finley Thompson- 4 Best times including 27.1 sec Drop in 500 Free 

Quinn Thompson- 5 Best Times including 33.9 sec Drop in the 500 Free

Rishi Ticku- 6 Best Times including 15.5 sec Drop in 50 Free & 3 other 7 sec Drops in 25 Free, 25 Breast,50 Back

JonJames Ticku- 7 Best Times

Santi Toribio- 4 Best Times including 7.6 sec Drop in 50 Fly

Brooklyn Waldner- 1.2 sec Drop 200 Free (Senior Swimmer)

Jillian Wise- 4 Best Times including 5.7 sec Drop in 50 Fly

Alicia Zarecki- 7 BestTimes

Camille Zarecki- 4 Best Times

Lauren Zarecki- 5 Best Times

Noelle Zarecki- 6 Best Times including 27.3 sec Drop in 200 Free and 9.3 sec Drop in 200 Back


Sorry almost missed these two and both deserve recognition-

Nora Sciammas- 4 Best times including 30 sec Drop 100 back, 18 sec Drop 100 free, 6.6 sec Drp 50 Back, 4.5 sec Drop 50 Free (That's almost a whole minute of time

                            dropped in 4 races!!!)

Johanna Hall-  3 Best Times including a 5 sec Drop in both the 50 and 100 Free (Johanns is deaf and cannot hear the start of her races!)


(Yep…that Snowman got poked a lot this past weekend!)

More photos: