New Winter Wave Policy

Jeanine Serrano
Jan 10, 2019
As you have probably heard a fire alarm went off at the Dahl YMCA last night, January 9th, that required the mandatory evacuation of the building until the Fire Department granted re-entry approval.  This took place during the time our Novice and Junior practices were in the water.   The outside temperture was around 20 degrees and tiny wet bodies with YMCA white towels and plastic emergency blankets for coverage is not the best solution for this situation and as team, Wave, can do better at being prepared for this type of incident should it happen in the future.
NEW WINTER WAVE POLICY:    Swimmers must bring their pool bag on deck during practices in the winter months of December, January, and February so they have access to larger towels, shoes, and other items they might need when they are outside the building.   Bags can be stored on the bleachers at Dahl Y that are next to the old Wellness Center or in the corner under the scoreboard at the Houser Y during practice.  By having their bags on deck, it will allow swimmers to quickly grab bags as they exit the area as they are not allowed access to the locker rooms on a mandatory evacuation.   Having bags on deck will allow access to things that would make standing in the cold more bearable should a fire alarm be pulled or a real emergency take place at this time of year.
BLANKET DONATIONS: We are asking Wave parents to donate old clean blankets they may have in their closets that aren't being used that we can put in plastic tubs and store in the Wave Closet at Houser and the Closet by the old Wellness Center just off the pool deck at Dahl.   These tubs will also contain new sock that had been gifted to the YMCA by a local business prior to this incident.   The blankets and socks will be distributed by our staff in a situation like this to provide better insulation from the cold.   Twin sized blankets or throws would be the best for these circumstances and be easiest to distribute when needed .   We ask that you bring in donated blankets during practice times and hand them to one of the Coaches either prior or at the end of practice.