Summer Challenge

June 28-30, 2019 


Thank you for attending!

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Session Report

NOTE:  This session report is pre-scratch. Friday session is estimated to end before 9pm after scratches and combining the first heat of girls with the first head of boys for all events possible on Friday.  Saturday and Sunday AM will have chase starts.

Warm Up Assignments

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Heat Sheets
Friday PM
Saturday AM
Saturday PM
Sunday AM
Sunday PM


Teams attending:  COHO, DFAC, GYST, LFSC, LGSC, MAC, MFSC, OCON Y, OCSC, PAC, SHOR, STAR, SWAT, SWIFT, Swim MKE, GILLS, Scout Aquatics, Saluki Swim Team, MMAC, Woodstock Dolphins

If interested in attending, please email Meet Director, Janis Katz at