Pick-up and Drop-off guideline reminders during COVID-19

Janis Katz

Our coaches and facilities would like everyone to be aware of the entering/exiting guidelines. Moving indoors with the distancing requirements is a bit more challenging than the last few months at our outdoor pools.

Here are a few guidelines that we need to follow –

  • When arriving for practice at our Y pools, a coach must lead you in. Therefore, please be in your car, ready to enter the building 15 minutes prior to the start of practice. If swimmers come in randomly, coaches are pulled away from coaching to let them in individually.
  • When picking your swimmer up, please be at the pool by the end of practice. Since the traditional locker room time after practice is not available to us and gathering limits are in place, swimmers are whisked out of practice immediately when their practice is finished to make room for the next group. Especially with the colder weather coming, we want everyone to have a warm car ready to enter when practice is over.

Following these guidelines, will greatly help everyone have a full practice opportunity and follow our safety protocol. And, with having limited time in the water, following these guidelines helps the coaches make use of every singe minute they can. Your cooperation with drop off and pick up is very much appreciated. 

Thank you