NEW Entrance at Edgewood

Janis Katz
From Edgewood:
Our commons entrance AND our ATR (your normal entrance) are off-limits until further notice.  We have construction going on so we have moved where your participants and coaches will enter and exit.
Please let your people know they should park between our high school and the Campus school.  They will enter/ exit from the glass doors that are a part of the LINK (the walkway that Bridges high school and science center together).  Swimmers should then head toward the high school (Brown doors will be open when you have scheduled practices) and then it is your normal way to the pool.
I have supplied a map that shows the route to drive in YELLOW.
The ORANGE is about where the glass doors you will enter/ exit in will be.
The BLACK is what we call the LINK. 
Drivers are to exit the same way they entered = around the science center, next to the football field, and at the stop lights.  Do not go up through the section that has the traffic arm guards up.  We will get complaints if this happens.