Practice Locations:


Madison LaFollette High School (LAF) - 702 Pflaum Rd, Madison, 53716- Enter door #10 near the fields and follow signs to pool

James Madison Memorial High School (JMM) - 201 S Gammon Rd, Madison, 53717 - Use the west entrance off of Gammon Rd

UW Health Performance Center at The American Center (TAC) - [Policies and protocol] - 4602 Eastpark Blvd, Madison, 53718. As of Nov 1, gather at the the glass doors near the turf field. A coach or lifeguard will open the doors 5-10 minutes prior to practice. NOTE: This door will not be monitored after the start of practice. If you are late, please use the Main Entrance in the front of the building and walk through the hallway to the pool entrance. Parking is allowed on surface lots or in the parking structure. 

UW Health Research Park (RP) - [Policies and protocol] - 621 Science Dr, Madison, 53711.  Please click on "policies and protocol" regarding current Covid-19 entering/exiting and other details.

Edgewood High School - [policies and protocol] - 2219 Monroe St, Madison - 

Entering to Edgewood - When pulling in the Edgewood High School parking lot from Monroe Street go towards the high school to the left of the football field. Swimmers can be dropped off at the front of the high school in the student area drop off. Take the stairs on the right of the building down to the athletic entrance. There is a double set of doors that leads into the hallway. Walk straight down the hall and take a right through the black doors and the pool entrance is at the end of the hall.









Following these guidelines, will greatly help everyone have a full practice opportunity and follow our safety protocol. And, with having limited time in the water, following these guidelines helps the coaches make use of every singe minute they can in the water. Your cooperation with drop off and pick up is very much appreciated.




Other Pools pools

West Side Swim Club, 5533 Odana Rd, Madison, 53719. 

Middleton High School  (MID) - 2100 Bristol St, Middleton, 53562. Pool entrance is on the corner of Bristol and Lee Sts.

Monona Grove High School  (MG) - 4400 Monona Dr, Madison, 53716- Use Monona Drive entrance and enter through the doors facing Coldspring

UW SERF715 West Dayton Street, Madison, 53715.  Please wait outside of the doors, we enter as a group.  (Under construction)

Madison West High School (WEST)

30 Ash Street, Madison, 53726.  The pool entrance is on Ash Street at the lower southeast corner of the building.  Please do not use any other high school entrance.