Wisconsin Swimming
Level 3

Established 1962

Rocket Aquatics Scrip Info

RA partners wtih Great Lakes Scrip Center to allow team members to purchase gift cards from many of your favorite retailers and receive a percentage toward your fundraising requirement or donate it back to the club!  Options for families: 100% rebates donated back to RA, 50%/50% rebates to family and RA or 100% rebates to family swim fees. If you don't specify, 100% will be credited to your family account.

Payments must be made via credit card OR PrestoPay through the scrip website. PrestoPay is a direct withdrawal from your bank account and takes a few days to set-up. There is a $0.15 charge for each transaction. NEW FOR 2019: Rocket Aquatics will no longer be accepting checks as payment for scrip cards. 

PrestoPay also allows you to reload gift cards and scrip now gift certificates where you can print out or view on your phone electronic gift certificates within minutes. You do not need to wait for the coordinator to process these reload and scrip now orders when you use presto pay.  You may place reload and scrip now orders at any time.

To enroll in PrestoPay, you’ll need your online banking credentials or your bank account number and routing number, along with the account holder information. To get set up, log in and select Dashboard > Payment Types on ShopWithScrip.com or Menu > Payment Types on MyScripWallet.com and follow the instructions.

Orders are due the 2nd Friday of the month and usually delivered by the following Wednesday or Thursday.  Watch for emails regarding delivery times.

Fundraising credit is tracked on the scrip website and entered onto the TeamUnify website at the end of each month.

To register:  www.shopwithscrip.com

Access code:  BL44AC3B13895

Please note a few club rules regarding the Scrip program:


  • We cannot allow swimmers to pick up your order.  We can only deliver orders to a designated adult.
  • Scrip Now and Reload purchases on the Scrip website must be done with a Presto pay account.  
  • We cannot accept cash or check payments for your orders at any time. 

Coordinator:  Amy Rabideau (Sierra Rabideau's mom)