Meet Sign-up Information

Use Meet Sign-up to select a meet of interest. Each meet sign-up includes information about the location, warm-up times, start times, eligibility reports and other official meet information.

**Sign In / Meet Sign-up(or can also click on front page under meets) / Click on Name of Meet to get meet description / Click on Attend/Decline to sign up for meet / click on Child's name / Declaration - either yes will be attending or no / if attending - the meets that your child is eligible to swim will appear / click on the events that your child would like to swim.

Reminder YMCA meets vs USA Meets:   YMCA Only Meets - all of our swimmers may sign-up for YMCA Only Meets. YMCA/USA meets - all of our swimmers may sign-up for YMCA/USA meets.  USA Only Meets  - swimmers may only sign-up if they have current USA Memberships.  For more information on USA Memberships - go to Team Info. and Team Fees.

Swim Meet Fees:  Each individual swim meet fees will appear in the meet description for each meet. 

Swim Meet Payments:  At the beginning of each month families will receive their individual meet fee report for the previous months swim meet fees.  You will have 5 days to look at this report and contact Robin Berg if there are any errors.  After the 5 days, the dollar amount will be set up in the Y's computer system to have that amount deducted from your selected method of payment (generally either checking account or credit card).

 If the meet is a YDC United-hosted, volunteer job sign-ups will also be available from the meet entry page.  Please refer to the "Volunteers" page for information related to required volunteer shifts for the season.

Meet Entry sheets and/or Psych Sheets will be available a few days prior to the meet and will be located at the bottom of the meet page. Upon completion of the meet, official results will be posted. Past and archived meets are searchable.